The B2B Marketer's Six-Step Guide to Creating Effective Content [SlideShare]

August 1, 2016

The B2B Marketer's Six-Step Guide to Creating Effective Content [SlideShare]

Imagine your boss drives you out into the middle of nowhere. No street lights. No cell reception. Before you can ask what’s going on, she says, “Meet me at the finish line,” and kicks you out of the car.

As her tail lights fade into the distance, you realize you have no idea how to get to the finish line. You don’t even know what "the finish line" looks like. Should you blindly pick a direction and start walking, hoping you don’t end up in a ditch on the side of the road?

While the above scenario sounds like an awful reality show you might watch while Game of Thrones is on hiatus, it's also a good metaphor for the struggle many B2B marketers have with implementing an effective content marketing strategy.

At the beginning of this year, 70% of B2B Marketers said that they plan to produce more content this year than last year. However, only 30% of marketers rate their content marketing efforts as “effective” or “very effective”. Basically, the other 70% of us have been kicked out of the car in Nowheresville. We have no idea what the finish line is, or how to get there.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions published a comprehensive ebook, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing. The following SlideShare, is a pocket-guide meant to help you navigate your journey to developing, implementing, measuring, and improving upon a B2B content marketing strategy that actually works. Following these six actionable steps will allow you to not only meet your boss at the finish line, but show her how you got there -- and how you can do it better next time.

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For a thorough guide to content marketing from the foremost experts in the field, download The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing.