What’s the Single Most Important Thing a Marketer Needs to Know Right Now?

March 8, 2016

Great content marketing is like jazz. When either is done right, a combination of people with different skills come together to produce something extraordinary. Each player relies on their knowledge and experience to innovate, and creating something new each time. Each person’s work is both a solo effort and part of the ensemble.

To help your team make beautiful music together, we asked for advice from some of the masters of modern marketing. These hip cats are knowledgeable, have years of experience in the industry, and work great under pressure.

That last one is important, since we asked these questions on the fly at a recent conference. Our respondents had to answer tough questions off the top of their heads, improvising their own solo to fit the ensemble. The resulting videos are jam sessions, if you will—each person’s contribution woven together to make a tune that really cooks.

We started the jam with a tricky question, because we knew they had the chops to handle it:

What Is the Single Most Important Thing a Marketer Needs to Know Right Now?

Check out the video below for responses from our ace ensemble:

Pondering the future of marketing is serious business. But even these top marketers can’t keep a straight face all the time. We kept the camera rolling when things got a little silly, and are pleased to present this collection of outtakes:

For the record, Ann Handley’s dog is named Abby.

In the next few weeks, we’ll feature more Trading Eights videos from these marketing virtuosos. Can't wait? Check out the entire Trading Eights series now for more industry leader insights.