The LinkedIn Marketing Story, Illustrated

May 1, 2018

LinkedIn Marketing Genie

Editor's Note: In honor of Children's Book Week, we're sharing this special encore post highlighting The Marketing Genie, which tells the story — in the engaging format of a children's book — of how LinkedIn can help marketers and advertisers optimize their targeting, engagement, and ROI. 

If you’ve been to any marketing conference in the past year, you have no doubt been encouraged to embrace “storytelling” in your content marketing. At its most effective, this concept of storytelling puts your customers at the heart of the tale, empathizes with their problems, and ultimately provides a solution — ideally one that involves your product or services.

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we have purposefully included storytelling in our content marketing. We’ve told stories around effective digital marketing in a variety of formats:

For our latest foray into storytelling, we’ve aimed to push the boundaries of B2B content marketing. In honor of Children’s Book Week, which takes place May 1-7, we’ve turned to the most elemental of stories: the children’s picture book. Using the conventions of the bedtime story, I teamed (again) with illustrator Daniel Howarth to create “The Marketing Genie,” which tells the tale of an intrepid marketer who journeys to the ends of the earth (or at least to Las Vegas) to get the answers to three questions that are keeping her up at night:

  • Where can she reach her target audience at scale?
  • How can she engage her prospects?
  • How can she optimize her marketing ROI?

We won’t tell you how the story ends, but you can probably guess that it does involve a Marketing Genie. Download "The Marketing Genie" right now, so you can see whether the ending to this tale is a happy one or not. And you just might find that this is the first piece of content marketing that you'll want to share with your kids.