Sharpen Your B2B Superpowers with Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly

Issue 4 is out today — essential reading for any marketer looking to flex full-funnel marketing powers

October 31, 2018

Sophisticated Marketer's Quarterly

This post originally appeard on the LinkedIn Marketing EMEA Blog.

B2B marketers need many superpowers: the ability to build brands and drive awareness, shape the industry agenda, generate demand and prove ROI. Business leaders are depending on your team to find growth, and deliver on revenue-based metrics that are directly related to the bottom line. We’ve created this superhero issue to help you flex your full-funnel marketing powers and meet that challenge.

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Issue 4 is packed with:

  • How to give your marketing full-funnel power
  • The latest data showing what B2B buyers want from your content
  • Important new trends in marketing measurement
  • The science on emotion and B2B buying
  • Exclusive new advice column from content marketing pioneer and bestselling author, Ann Handley
  • How to create compelling B2B video and deploy it across the buyer journey


  • The art of building brands organically
  •  How content brings sales and marketing closer
  •  6 non-marketing books you should read

Give yourself a different perspective on B2B marketing.

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