Maximize Your Advertising Performance on LinkedIn and Microsoft in 3 Steps

August 23, 2019

Advertising on LinkedIn and Microsoft

Both LinkedIn and Microsoft offer audiences that are larger and more powerful than you might think.

The LinkedIn platform, which has more than 645 million members, now combines professional and user interest targeting options with its recently released interest targeting product — which includes Microsoft Bing search data. 

Microsoft Advertising also reaches a massive audience. Through MSN,, and Microsoft Edge — as well as the Microsoft Search Network (Bing and Yahoo) — Microsoft Advertising reaches more than 500 million people across the globe.

Now, [PS1] Microsoft Advertising is also the only platform to offer LinkedIn Profile targeting. This targeting capability enables you to reach audiences based on the target’s company, job function, industry and more — for search and native ads.

More information on how Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn work together is available in a new guide, “The Dynamic Duo: How to Leverage Microsoft and LinkedIn to Drive Demand.”

In addition to advertising options, both LinkedIn and Microsoft offer organic pathways — that are free of charge — to reaching your target customers.

Read on for a three-step process for maximizing LinkedIn and Microsoft for organic and paid.

Step 1: Create a Strong Organic Presence

Both LinkedIn (through its LinkedIn Pages for brands, companies, and organizations) and Microsoft Advertising (through its Search and Audience Networks and Audience Network)
 offer attractive opportunities to reach wide audiences organically.

LinkedIn Pages

Marketers can further expand their organic footprint on LinkedIn Pages, the next generation of Company Pages. With LinkedIn Pages, marketers you can attract followers and have an ongoing conversation with their your target audiences on LinkedIn — all for free. LinkedIn offers four key tips for organic strategy on the platform:

  • Be consistent: We see LinkedIn customers gaining successful and consistent engagement when they post on their LinkedIn Pages at least once a day.
  • Repurpose where possible: Brands can share their story on their LinkedIn Pages by repurposing infographics, blog posts, videos, links to events, eBooks, and webinars.
  • Tap into industry trends and news: @mention people who are affiliated with a specific piece of content to gain exposure to their network.
  • Add hashtags to your post to join trending conversations: Keep an eye on the headlines on LinkedIn and Bing — those can be a great resource to see timely stories that are gaining momentum on LinkedIn.

Microsoft Advertising

Marketers can grow your audience organically on Bing at no cost. The Bing search engine can help marketers establish your online presence. 

  • Adding your business free of charge on Bing Places for Business, for instance, helps marketers establish their online presence as millions of customers search information about local businesses on Bing.  It’s no secret that having accurate and rich business information published on a search engine like Bing improves chances of more instore visits and more traffic to your website.
  • Opening a free Bing Webmaster Tools account, helps your business get indexed quickly and maximizes your website’s performance on Bing with site traffic analytics and site optimization tools to create SEO optimized pages.

Step 2: Boost Your Reach and Engagement via Paid Advertising

In addition to organic, marketers can reach a wider audience with paid advertising across a suite of products on Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn platforms.


LinkedIn offers marketers data-driven targeting for use with a variety of formats, including LinkedIn Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, to generate high quality leads. With LinkedIn, marketers can target decision makers and other LinkedIn members based on their company, industry, job experience, education, and interests.

Because LinkedIn’s recently released interest targeting product now includes Bing search data, you can combine professional demographic and user interest data to increase the scale of your marketing efforts, improve your targeting and boost ROI.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising reach more than a half a billion people globally through a range of properties:

  • MSN
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Search Network (Bing and Yahoo), which powers billions of online searches on Verizon Media properties (AOL, Yahoo), platforms such as Amazon and Apple, and on Microsoft services like Windows, Office and Edge.

And, now we are the only ad platform to offer LinkedIn Profile targeting on search and native. This offering enables marketers to reach audiences based on the target’s company, job function, industry and more

Step 3: Measure, Learn and Optimize to Drive More Impact

Both LinkedIn and Microsoft Advertising offer tracking tools that help marketers determine what programs are working and how to optimize those programs to deliver measurable results.


LinkedIn tools can help marketers quickly assess how their campaigns are performing and adjust accordingly. For instance, with LinkedIn Conversion Tracking, marketers can measure how their campaign is producing specific conversion events, such as members of the target audience registering for a webinar. Additionally, LinkedIn’s Website Demographics tools enable marketers to gauge whether the right audiences are visiting their entire website and even specific web pages.

Microsoft Advertising

Intelligent insights provide marketers with data to gauge how their campaigns are performing and how they can optimize them for peak performance. Here are four key tools for advertisers:

  • Opportunity Tab: It offers suggestions to improve campaign performance.
  • Competition Tab: It tracks competitor performance over time and offers recommended actions for your advertising.
  • Performance Insights: It tracks performance changes instantly.
  • Location Recommendations: It provides suggestions on new areas to target with estimated audience volume.

To dive into more detail about how marketers can use Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn to reach their target audiences, download our new guide, “The Dynamic Duo: How to Leverage Microsoft and LinkedIn to Drive Demand,” today.