Going from Physical to Digital: 5 Virtual Marketing Events You Don’t Want to Miss

April 9, 2020

Top 5 Virtual Events for Marketers

With the current state of affairs, marketing conferences are being canceled to protect the safety and well-being of planners and attendees. But months of preparation don’t necessarily have to go out the window. In fact there are great examples of organizations that have quickly pivoted to digital and are hosting their events online for free.

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While you may not to get to experience these marketing events in-person, the content remains as valuable as ever. Below are five of the marketing industry’s most intriguing in-person events turned digital:

1. Discover MarTech: A Virtual Event for Strategies & Solutions – April 21-23, 2020

Technology has radically changed the landscape of marketing. Discover MarTech aims to provide marketers free training and thought leadership on a variety of topics, including how to build a state-of-the-art martech stack and how careers in marketing ops are changing.

Agenda details are yet to be fully announced, but you can expect in-depth training sessions from many of the marketing solutions providers that were set to speak at the original San Jose event.

2. AMA’s Virtual Conference: Experience Design – April 21-22, 2020

Hosted by American Marketing Association, this conference focuses on leveraging experience design to build your brand and rapport with your customers. Speakers will cover not only how to conduct better customer research, but how to improve collaboration between marketing and customer experience as well.

American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein will kick off the event with a controversial topic – why you should end your addiction to storytelling. Each day will include two sessions as well as a closing keynote focusing on customer experience as a competitive distinction.

3. Content Marketing Conference – April 21, 2020

This year, Content Marketing Conference is opening its archive – four keynotes, 10 live workshops, and more than 150 on-demand sessions collected from past years. The agenda is stacked with interesting topics, ranging from building a message architecture to filming more authentic videos right on your smartphone.

4. C3 2020 Virtual Keynote – May 12, 2020

Swapping scale for intimacy, martech company Conductor is hosting its annual event in the form of a virtual keynote. Founder and CEO Seth Besmertnik will describe Conductor’s vision for the future of search and content marketing. Other leaders will dive into product innovations and SEO best practices, all with the intent of equipping marketers with the tools they need to maintain steady traffic.

If you know any organic marketing rockstars, consider nominating them for the Searchie Awards 2020! Winners will be announced to close out the event.

5. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference – May 20-21, 2020

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference has been hosted by University of Missouri-St. Louis since 2013. Now the largest digital marketing conference in the Midwest, MDMC has shifted to an online production split into two parts: a live two-day virtual summit and an on-demand digital experience.

You’ll have to pay extra for the digital experience in order to access the sessions that were supposed to take place in-person, but the live summit is absolutely free and will feature five breakout sessions led by the conference’s most in-demand speakers.

Even with our business travel limited right now, marketers still crave continuing education and may need it now more than ever. Marketers should know that the expert advice they want is increasingly available virtually.

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