The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog's Greatest Hits, Side 1

December 28, 2015

Modern marketing is creative, technical, challenging, and rewarding. Marketers have never had so much information about customers’ needs. But there has never been more competition for their attention. To get the best results, you need to constantly refine your methods, learn new skills, and keep an eye on emerging trends.

The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS) blog was designed to help you keep pace with the evolving marketing world. We want to be a destination for thought-provoking insight and cutting-edge strategy. We aim to make the blog a resource you can use on a daily basis.

As we run the clock out on 2015, we’re taking stock of our most popular posts this year. The review process will help us deliver more value in 2016, and give you a chance to check out popular posts you might have missed.

We’re presenting this greatest hits collection in two parts—Side 1 and Side 2, if you will. Here’s Side 1 of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog’s greatest hits of 2015.

20. How the Prospective Student Mindset Has Evolved in the Digital Age

Higher education marketers face a unique set of challenges in converting their prospective student “leads” into enrolled student “customers.” LinkedIn examined how today’s teenagers are making their college choices to help marketers match their strategies with the modern school selection journey.

19. The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a True Hybrid Marketer

The hybrid marketer series was a set of blog posts really close to my heart. I believe marketers need to combine technological and creative skills to succeed in the profession. And I’ve always said there’s a Ph.D in marketing available for free on the Internet, so we went looking for the most informative resources on a dizzying array of marketing skills. Then we rolled it all up into a big rock eBook with even more resources, making it easy for anyone to continue their marketing education.

18. Three Brands Killing It with Sponsored Content

“Show, don’t tell” is a fundamental rule of writing, and it definitely applies for marketing. This post goes beyond telling you the best practices for Sponsored Content to show you how they actually work in the real world. These case studies from Dell, NewsCred, and Blackrock have plenty of practical advice.

17. How to Use LinkedIn to Impact Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

The team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has worked hard to create a suite of resources that use LinkedIn’s wealth of data to empower marketers. We created this SlideShare to show marketers how they can use LinkedIn to achieve goals throughout the buyer’s journey.

16. 20 Books Every Marketer Should Read in 2016

We started with ten great books, then asked the authors to recommend a book that would make a great gift for their fellow marketers. What resuled was a must-read list for marketers in 2016 and beyond. Any one of them would make a great gift—but don’t forget to add them to your wish list, too.

15. Infographic: What LinkedIn Data Reveals about Modern Marketers

We analyzed the data from 3.1 million marketers to create this infographic, in support of the Marketing Skills Handbook we created with HubSpot. It’s a fascinating comparison of the skills marketers have versus what skills employers need.

14. 3 Types of Thought Leadership: Creating the Perfect Mix of Content for Your Brand

Thought leadership is a powerful way for brands to get noticed and build influence. But it can be hard to pin down what exactly thought leadership is, let alone how to go about developing it. This infographic takes a quick but informative look at establishing thought leadership in your industry, in your organization, and in your products.

13. [New eBook] Attention is a Currency, Featuring Brian Solis and Hugh MacLeod

One of the coolest parts of my job is that I can call up people I admire and ask them to make some magic. This eBook is fantastic—it’s heartfelt; it’s real; it’s a wake-up call and a statement of purpose. I’m thrilled we got to produce something so inspiring.

12. 9 Memes Only a Financial Services Marketer Can Appreciate

I love that this post is back-to-back with Attention Is a Currency, because it shows how versatile our team can be. This post is pure fun, meant to raise awareness for FinanceConnect 2015. And, of course, to bring a laugh or two to our colleagues in the financial services sector.

11. The George Costanza Approach to Content Marketing

This post was an opportunity to cover some serious subject matter with a light-hearted spin. George Costanza is an unlikely source for life lessons—and I definitely don’t recommend telling people you’re a marine biologist—but in this case, he got it right. If you find you’re getting the opposite of the results you want, perhaps it’s time to turn your methodology upside-down.

That wraps it up for Side 1 of our Greatest Hits. We hope these posts helped you grow as a marketer in 2015. We’ll be back tomorrow with the top 10. See you on the flip side.

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