5 Compelling Reasons to Publish on LinkedIn

May 30, 2016

You are probably thinking of course I should be using Publish on LinkedIn, just like I should be posting my own blog and other social media sites. But who has the time and resources?

While choosing where to spend your time and resources is important to your success, I want to make the case that posting long-form content on LinkedIn should be near the top of that priority list.

According to DemandMetric, 82 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content, and 90 percent of consumers find custom content useful and makes consumers more likely to take action. 

While those stats certainly make the case for creating and publishing custom content, you might be thinking that you already do this on your blog. Why should you bother with publishing on LinkedIn  as well?

Well, here are five very good reasons why you should be thinking about either creating new content to add to LinkedIn, or at least republish older posts from your existing blog.

1. Publishing on LinkedIn provides more value to connections who view your profile.

LinkedIn is about relationship building and one of the best ways to build a relationship with your connections is by providing value first – which you can do with your content.

If you use custom graphics or images, you have the additional benefit of adding a visual element to your profile as your three most recent posts on LinkedIn are part of your profile.

2. Your connections are notified each time you publish a post on LinkedIn.

With more and more people posting on LinkedIn, your posts can easily get lost in all of the noise. Want to increase the likelihood that your connections click on your post? Create an interesting and compelling, short title that will grab their attention.

3. Your network can share your LinkedIn post, opening you up to a larger (and previously unreached) audience.

Every time your connections interact with your post (likes, comments and shares), it becomes visible to their first degree connections. This is very powerful as not only does this broaden the amount of people who see your post but it also has the benefit of being viewed as worthy of engagement by their connection.

4. If your post is featured in LinkedIn Pulse, your potential reach is exponentially increased.

While there is no surefire way to being featured by LinkedIn Pulse (although a lot of early traffic and engagement is key), being recommend by Pulse will expose your content to a huge audience of interested people.

There is also the much more likely possibility of it being included in LinkedIn's weekly email to your connections.

5. Publishing valuable content on LinkedIn positions you as an authority on your topic.

Posting regular, valuable content creates trust with your connections and helps you to be seen as an expert on your topic. Those who are seen as an expert in their area are often paid more and get more business. Need I say more?

For marketers looking to leverage social media, those are five reasons why posting long form content on LinkedIn should be a priority in your marketing efforts. And for more insight into how you can use LinkedIn to support your marketing efforts, download the "LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan" today!