5 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Blog Subscriber Base

Announcing a New eBook, “How to Grow Your Blog by 30X or More: LinkedIn Shares the Tactics That Grew Its Blog at Hyperspeed”

July 27, 2016

Perhaps it’s not humble to say so, but this blog you’re reading right now is experiencing remarkable growth.

In an 18-month period from November 2014 to May 2016, the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog expanded its subscriber base by 31x. In the first quarter of this year, blog traffic increased by almost 50 percent over the same period in 2015.

How did the blog grow so quickly?

The blog’s readership expanded, because we deliberately and carefully implemented a five-point plan for boosting the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog — an effort we describe in detail in the new ebook, “How to Grow Your Blog by 30X or More: LinkedIn Shares the Tactics that Grew Its Blog at Hyperspeed.” At its heart, this ebook isn’t about the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog; instead, this ebook is about sharing winning approaches to help digital marketers grow their own blogs.

This ebook features checklists that provide a clear step-by-step approach implementing your own blog growth plan.

Here are the five approaches we strictly followed in boosting our blog’s performance:

  • Serve the Target Audience
  • Create Useful, Informative and Entertaining Content
  • Leverage SEO
  • Implement Demand Generation Principles
  • Promote the Blog Proudly

Serve the Target Audience

In growing the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, we have a laser focus on our target audience of digital marketers. In everything we do, we keep in mind serving this audience with useful and entertaining content. And to confirm we’re reaching the right audience, we constantly use data-driven tools to ensure this is the audience that is subscribing to our blog and visiting our pages.   

Create Useful, Informative and Entertaining Content

We set a high bar for our content. We want to create content that our audience needs. That our audience wants. And, when the stars align, that our audience loves. We reach for this goal by creating content that is of use, that offers variety (ranging from informative posts to entertaining ones), and that is frequent enough to share digital marketers’ appetite for content that helps them do their jobs better.

Leverage SEO

Search engine optimization is critical to boosting blog traffic and increasing a subscriber base. But ultimately, the best SEO is creating great content. Optimization is about giving the target audience the type of content it wants, in a style it desires, and frequency that will keep them satisfied. In the end, we optimize for readers, not search engines. Search engines will ultimately follow the audience’s preferences, not the other way around.  

Implement Demand Generation Principles

In growing the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog subscriber base, we have relied have on our demand generation team. The importance of subscribers to the health of your blog cannot be underestimated. Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, says,  “When you go to sleep at night, you should be thinking of attracting subscribers. When you wake up in the morning, you should have subscribers etched into your brain.” With the help of the demand gen team, we have attempted to make subscribing to our blog as simple as possible with a scrolling subscribe button, by offering daily and weekly subscription options, by making blog subscriptions available with thank-you emails to marketers who have downloaded our ebooks or registered for our webinars, by email subscription offers to our prospect database, and by investing in LinkedIn Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Sponsored InMail.

Promote the Blog Proudly

It’s been said that is content is king, then promotion is queen. In promoting the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, we embrace a variety of methods. We send daily emails to our subscribers alerting them of new blog posts. We promote via a range of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. We rely heavily on LinkedIn, using our LinkedIn Showcase Page, which now has more than 100,000 followers, to point marketers to newly published blog posts. We even use our email signatures to promote the blog by including a link to the subscription landing page. Promotion opportunities are everywhere.

You can read in greater detail about this surefire approach to growing your own blog by downloading the ebook, “How to Grow Your Blog by 30X or More: LinkedIn Shares the Tactics That Grew Its Blog at Hyperspeed” today!