Announcing the Top 2017 Indian Content Marketing Predictions

November 30, 2016

Announcing the Top 2017 Indian Content Marketing Predictions

We are mid-way between Diwali and Christmas, a good time to pause and prepare for a new beginning. For Indian marketers, this quarter has been a particularly busy one – with the eCommerce sale blitzkrieg and quick turnaround demonetization campaigns, in addition to traditional end of year planning responsibilities. 

This is the time to reflect on the year, by analyzing various metrics and evaluating how risks payed off. At a macro level, this is a good opportunity for marketers to understand where the industry is headed and seek out trends, tools and technologies that will be smart bets for the year ahead.

A smart bet at the beginning 2016 was investment in content marketing. Last year, Indian markers were interested but hesitant to wholeheartedly espouse the craft of content. As marketers in India began experimenting with tactics that support a planned content strategy, the industry rose to meet our needs. Over the past six months, there have been a slew of new home grown initiatives to support marketers.

  • Education: Monthly masterclasses covering content marketing basics from the Content Marketing Council of India, along with Indian Marketer’s Guides and research in the space. For example, Paul Writer’s Red Book of Content is an excellent piece.
  • Recognition: Industry recognition for notable work in the form of recent content marketing awards, such as E4M.
  • Networking: Opportunities to learn from best practices at content-themed conclaves and events, like the CMS Asia Summit.

In 2017, we expect to see content marketing enter it’s adolescence in India. Undoubtedly, content will be an essential part of the marketing strategy for many Indian brands – B2B and B2C. Marketers will look to blaze trails in their companies with content. To help inform successful 2017 plans, LinkedIn – in association with the Content Marketing Council – is launching The Top 2017 Indian Content Marketing Predictions. This is your handy guide to what is coming up in the content sector. We take a look at where industry-leading marketers across the nation are investing, so that you too can take smart bets in your content marketing strategies and plans for 2017.

Dive into The Top 2017 Indian Content Marketing Predictions to discover experts views on:

  • What are the most popular ways marketers distribute content in India?
  • Will augmented reality be embraced by marketers?
  • What markets will do to create more "snack-sized" content?

Download your copy for insights on trends that will rock the Indian content marketing sector in 2017.