Introducing The Indian Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing [eBook]

May 19, 2016

Creativity has traditionally been considered the bedrock of content creation, and living in India we have no dearth of inspirational stories on which to base great content.

However, a successful content marketing program needs more than just creativity — it needs to be balanced with an understanding of the audience, the analytical ability to tie content programs back to results, and the pragmatism of appreciating how content marketing fits into the larger business picture.

In India, content marketing is growing but is still immature discipline, as the figures (and lack of figures) below indicate:

  • According to a study by Octane Research, 58 percent of Indian marketers share content minimum of once per week. But how much of this content is actually read and how much resonates with the audience is yet to be determined. 
  • It is no surprise that fewer than 40 percent of all content marketers feel that they are effective at content marketing, according to a 2015 poll.

While there is no silver bullet, marketers must understand that we should apply the same rigor and discipline to content marketing that we do to traditional marketing efforts — documented planning, structured execution, leveraging technologies to achieve scale, and tracking against metrics to determine ROI of programs.

When we consider the overall content marketing space in India, hidden in the postscript is also a latent opportunity waiting to be tapped. While marketers in India are running content programs for companies here, the fact that India has the second largest population of English speakers globally (at over 125 million), also gives us the unique opportunity to become a content marketing powerhouse for brands across the globe.

Taking a step back, we must ensure that we have our fundamentals in place before we aim to become a force to be reckoned with in the content marketing space. In India we also need the market to mature to provide us with world class content marketing talent going forward.   

As they say, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.” The Indian Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing is LinkedIn’s attempt to help the Indian marketer make the leap from good to great in her journey towards content marketing success.

This ebook is a quick guide for the Indian Marketer to hone her skills in the space. We have covered the most pressing content marketing questions and highlighted easy to implement tips based our own experience and interactions with some of the most sophisticated marketers across the country.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • How to map content throughout the buyer’s journey
  • How to develop an Influencer marketing campaign
  • How to use LinkedIn across the buyer’s journey
  • How to prove the value of your content marketing

As you embark on this journey from content marketing theory to practice, here’s looking forward to many adventures in the field. And to enjoying the unique but heady rush which us marketers experience minutes before a major campaign goes live, when our content is finally out there for the world to consume, and we wait breathlessly for the clicks to begin.

To learn more about how to apply best practices to your own content marketing, download The Indian Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing today!