Join the #SophisticatedMktg Movement

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March 29, 2016

Join the #SophisticatedMktg Movement

What is Sophisticated Marketing?

Sophisticated marketing means bringing together technology and creativity to get results. It means making smart decisions based on insightful data analysis. Sophisticated marketers have a deep understanding of the modern buyer’s journey, and they know how to influence that journey at every stage.

Here at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we want to help your marketing reach the peak of its sophistication. Join our community of industry influencers and marketing mavens to swap ideas, share effective tactics and uncover opportunities to adapt to your marketing strategy.

We warmly welcome you to join our community of Sophisticated Marketers, in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Submit your mailing address

Step 2: Sit back and await the arrival of your complimentary Sophisticated Marketer’s Aficionado laptop decal

Step 3: Don't be shy. Take to your social channels and sport it with pride accompanied using #SophisticatedMktg and show us what being a Sophisticated marketer means to you.

We will then select a monthly winner, based on the creativity and quality of content, to receive a complete Sophisticated Swag Pack, including:

  • A limited edition LinkedIn hoodie
  • LinkedIn T-Shirt
  • Sophisticated Marketer’s pin
  • Mustache on a stick (Sophistication doesn’t have to be stuffy.)
  • 5 of our favorite marketing books to build your sophisticated library

You can also go all-in and upload the SMA image header to your LinkedIn profile -- just go to

Go on, join the #SophisticatedMktg movement. The water’s warm.