Native Advertising – A New Era of Online Advertising

September 3, 2016

Online Advertising

Online advertising has the unique ability to reach out instantly to people across the entire world. It has emerged as the primary platform for advertising in businesses throughout the globe, and continues to outshine all other forms of promotion. A recent report from Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia (IAB Australia) shows that Australian online advertising has recorded another solid quarter, reaching $1.731 m for the quarter ending March 2016, a 33.5% year on year increase.

On the other hand, the task of marketing a brand, product or service has never been more complex. While the rise of the internet has caused channels and platforms to multiply, consumers are more educated and savvy than ever. Exposed to hundreds of marketing messages per day, the modern consumers now automatically ignores most traditional forms of online advertising. Traditional ads just don’t work like they used to. It's time for a new approach: Native Advertising.

The IAB identifies six kinds of native advertising: In-feed ads, paid search ads, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, IAB standard ads with native element units, and custom units.

The kind of native advertising that is now attracting the keen attention of advertisers is the one at the top of that list: the in-feed ad. A large appeal of this particular kind of native advertising is its unobtrusive nature - it appears in the content stream that your prospects are already consuming. Examples of in-feed advertising are Instagram Ads on Instagram, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, and Sponsored Content in the LinkedIn feed.

Native advertising presents a massive opportunity for brands to connect with, and provide value to, consumers in a highly relevant context. Native advertising can boost positive brand image. When it's done well, native advertising can amplify your company's message as those who engage with it share it across their networks. A recent IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough study found that 32% of respondents would share the native ad to a friend of family member, versus just 19% for display ads.

Marketers looking to leverage native advertising can reference our top 10 golden rules, which extensively covered in LinkedIn's new eBook: "The Ultimate Australian Marketer's Guide to Native Advertising", to ensure your native advertising campaign has the right ingredients for success:

  1. Accurately determine your target audience.
  2. Establish a strong understanding of the publisher’s audience.
  3. Create valuable, useful and authentic content that your audience will want to engage with and that will enable your brand to become a trusted advisor.
  4. Ensure your content matches the look and feel of the host website.
  5. Use your content to create a connection that will lead to consideration in the future, and bring prospective customers into your lead funnel.
  6. Be transparent and upfront. It should be obvious your content is a paid placement.
  7. Time your campaign so it delivers the right content at the right time to the right audience.
  8. Use the right native partner. The right partner can boost credibility by 33 per cent.
  9. Invest in professional editorial support to craft your content, and make sure it matches the tone of your host.
  10. Make your brand the star. Advertise your content, not your company.

For more insight into how to produce native advertising that works for your business, download, "The Ultimate Australian Marketer's Guide to Native Advertising" today.

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