Year in Review: The Most Popular LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog Posts, Part I

December 28, 2016

New Year’s Day is a triumph of emotion over logic. 11:59pm becomes 12:00 am 365 times a year. But once a year we imbue that clock tick with special meaning. It helps us divide time into manageable units—it creates the opportunity to look back at what we accomplished, and to plan for the future.

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we have two main goals: to continually improve our marketing platform, and to educate marketers. As the clock runs out on the year, how did we do?

To find out, we took a look at our most popular posts from the past twelve months. We found that many of our highest-traffic posts were those announcing new platform features or new Big Rock content we created. That’s good news: It means you are excited as we are about evolving this platform and diving deep into marketing strategy.

Here are the top announcement posts that fall into these two categories.

New Feature Posts

There is always a lot of buzz around a change to the platform. Since we’re dedicated to continually improving the system, we’re never far from the next big change. Here are the announcements that got the most attention from you this year. These five posts are a great summary of how much the platform evolved in 2016.

4. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads: Deliver Personalized Messages to Engage Your Audience

Display ads got a lot more personal this June, when we introduced new Dynamic Ad layouts that could address your target audience by name. This product launch announcement includes some eye-catching stats, like the 1,205% increase in signups that Seed Equity achieved with their Dynamic Ads.

3. Announcing Native Conversion Tracking for LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Text Ads

This was one of the features we were most proud to launch this year. Finally, marketers can track the effectiveness of their marketing on LinkedIn beyond our site and onto the conversion points that directly affect the bottom line. If you haven’t tried out Conversion Tracking yet, here’s a quick primer:

2. LinkedIn Launches Programmatic Buying

We made it much easier to get at quality ad inventory at scale with the launch of programmatic buying this year. Our pilot program proved that programmatic buying plus LinkedIn’s robust reporting and demographic capabilities was a potent combination. We were excited to announce this feature, and a lot of you were excited to learn about it—over 1,000 of you shared the news on your LinkedIn Feeds.

1. Introducing LinkedIn Account Targeting

Account based marketing took off in a major way this year, as more businesses found ways to personalize at scale. We knew LinkedIn’s ability to segment audiences was a natural fit for ABM, and we have seen some amazing results from marketers who have given Account Targeting a test drive.

Top Big Rock Content

We turned out a hefty stack of eBooks this year, ranging from big thought leadership treatises to practical, interactive guides. Here are the five that most captured your attention.

5. Your Hands-on Content Marketing Workbook

This eBook is a great argument for getting outside your comfort zone. It’s far more playful than anything we’ve done before, both in design and content. But the risks we took paid off; thousands of people downloaded the eBook, and it was our 5th most popular launch this year.

4. Introducing the LinkedIn Millennial Playbook

Marketers have taken a special interest in millennials these past few years, as more of that generation emerges into the workforce with disposable income in hand. We saw a unique opportunity to take LinkedIn’s data on millennials and find compelling stories to tell, including valuable advice for millennials and marketers alike.

3. Introducing the Higher Education Guide to Content Marketing

This spinoff from the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing was an attempt to target a specific industry with a personalized version of a larger asset. The experiment paid off: Higher education folks showed a high level of interest in the eBook, making the launch announcement score high on our most-visited list.

2. Introducing the 2016 Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is one of those hefty terms that gets thrown around a lot without being thoroughly defined. Two years ago, we pulled together an impressive lineup of experts to make a definitive guide to thought leadership. As with our flagship Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, we wanted to keep this guide up-to-date, so we did a substantial refresh for 2016.

1. Introducing the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing

This book may be the biggest, most comprehensive guide we’ve ever put together. It’s chock-full of advice from some of the biggest names in the industry. It covers content marketing from before you conceive of your first piece of content all the way through amplification and optimization. We’re intensely proud of this eBook, and it was gratifying to see how excited people were to read it.

There you have it – the nine product and eBook announcements you found most compelling in 2016. Stick with us in the New Year as we continue to develop new features, and to create long-form content you can use to become a more sophisticated marketer.

In our next installment, we’ll count down the ten most popular short-form blog posts of the year.

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