You Know You're a Content Marketer When...

July 25, 2016

Attention content marketers: This is a post just for you. As content marketers ourselves, we know that the job can be all consuming. You see content marketing ideas everywhere, you’re constantly distributing your content via social media, and you’re always measuring your ROI. This post is dedicated to you in recognition of how you put your entire self into the job.

... You get all giddy when you see Seth Godin speak.

... You know Joe Pulizzi's favorite color. 

... You're hitting refresh on your latest post to see the LinkedIn shares climb.

... You know who said, "Content isn't king; it's the kingdom." (It was Lee Odden).

... You see blog post ideas when you’re watching Games of Thrones, Seinfeld reruns, and Major League Baseball.

... You explained Snapchat to your great grandmother. And not only did she get it, but now she posts a story every day. 

... You never get confused between Buzzfeed, Buzzsumo, and Buzz Aldrin.

... You know content shock is real and who coined the term. (Mark Schaefer). 

… You think in 140 characters.

… You see the visual world as one big Instagram post waiting the happen.

... You’ve memorized the image sizes down the pixel for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

... You know CMS stands for Content Management System but also your Content Marketing Score on LinkedIn. 

… You’ve mastered the art of turkey slicing, i.e. repurposing.

… You’ve uttered these famous last words a thousand times: "Let me just schedule this one tweet..."

… You're able to give an impassioned speech proving the value of content marketing at a moment's notice.

… Bad blog post headlines and email subject lines haunt your dreams.

… You see “Hamilton” on Broadway and all you can think is, man, that founding father was a great content marketer.

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