Your Hands-on Content Marketing Workbook

October 6, 2016

content marketing workbook

I very strongly dislike the dentist (Mom taught me never to say hate). An hour of poking and prodding, my panicked tongue chasing sharp objects, a death grip on the chair, staring wildly at the florescent lights wondering if these were the lights the deceased saw before they crossed over…this my friend, was pure horror for six-year-old Megs. And still is as a functioning adult.

But we had it good back then. At least as children we could spend our time in the waiting room, in deep deep denial as to our what lay beyond those white doors, with the playful and imaginative pages of a Highlights magazine. I’d argue that every content marketer of a certain age has a soft spot in his or her heart for Highlights magazine (amirite?).  Fun with a purpose was its tagline. Puzzles, pictograms, and crafts all teaching us wholesome lessons but most importantly distracting little ones from their formidable future (well at least an hour in the chair).

B2B Content Marketing Workbook

If I haven’t already lost you, the point is, content can be more useful—and definitely more fun—when it’s playful. Six-year-olds know that, but us grownups tend to forget. Even grownups in a fun, creative profession like content marketing can get in the cyclical cycle of rinse and repeat B2B content.  

Earlier this year, we released The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing. We’re still extremely proud of it; it’s one hundred pages of expert advice to knock your content
strategy out of the park. But after a few months, we started to wonder if we had done enough to help marketers get started with content marketing, in a very practical, hands-on kind of way.

And we were in the mood to have a little fun. With that came our workbook -- 101 level content for the content marketer just getting started, converting the big ideas from the Sophisticated Guide into action. An approachable twenty something pages, this workbook is chock-full of checklists and real world exercises and templates for getting some momentum behind your content marketing plan.  

B2B Content Marketing Workbook

The end result is our new eBook: Your Hands-on Content Marketing Workbook. Notice it’s not “The Hands-on Content Marketing Workbook.” To get the most out of this workbook, you need to make it your own. Make it about your editorial calendar, your industry, your content marketing program.

The workbook provides plenty of solid advice and structure to get you started. But also plenty of space to literally create. With the workbook’s help, you can:

  • Assess your current content marketing status
  • Establish goals and their corresponding metrics
  • Create buyer personas
  • Develop an editorial calendar

And really so much more.

In addition to the real life templates, you’ll get a generous helping of tips and advice, along with our favorite free and paid tools for content planning, creation, and amplification.

And it’s all created to be informative, but to be made completely yours by participating in all the exercises. While your dentist may have buttered you up with a sucker post appointment, we’ll congratulate you on your accomplishment with a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions high-five. I’m not joking – see page page 24.

So download Your Hands-on Content Marketing Workbook, perhaps take it to your next dental visit and have fun getting down to some serious business.