Introducing: Five A/B Testing Ideas from the LinkedIn Marketing Vault [mini eBook]

March 14, 2017

5 Testing Ideas from the LinkedIn Marketing Vault

For marketers, the launch of a campaign is just the beginning. Once we go live, the real work starts: testing multiple variants, measuring results, and optimizing. Once we go through a round of optimization, we start again. Pick variables, run tests, collect data, and make it even better. If it can be tested, it can be improved.

Testing is the heart and soul of a marketing team focused on getting incredible results. At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we test everything: target audience, visuals, copy, background color, you name it. Over the years, we’ve developed a solid set of best practices that help guide our efforts. We’ve learned from successes and failures alike. Now we’re ready to share our most useful testing tips with you.

Our new mini eBook, 5 Testing Ideas from the LinkedIn Marketing Vault, is more than a listicle; it’s a crash course on how to A/B test on LinkedIn.

There’s no other social media platform like LinkedIn. What makes the platform special also provides opportunities for more advanced testing strategies. This guide will give you some ideas of what to test, how to set up your tests, and how to make sense of the results, illustrated by real-world examples from our team.

If you haven’t started A/B testing yet, this quick read has everything you need to know. If you’re already testing, high five! This guide can help you be even more effective.

Unlock the LinkedIn Marketing Vault to learn:

  • The three fundamental principles that apply to all A/B testing on LinkedIn
  • Our three best-of-the-best practices for effective testing
  • Five types of tests and how to best administer them
  • The ideas we’re most excited to test next

Every audience is different; that’s why A/B testing is so important. Does your audience prefer a big image or a thumbnail? What one word in your copy is keeping people from converting? Does a statistic get more clicks than a general statement? As you learn these preferences, and hundreds of others, your ads get more relevant and more compelling. We’ve increased our CTR, conversion, and engagement through testing. Now it’s your turn to build on our knowledge and achieve even greater success.

The journey to marketing perfection is more like a spiral staircase than a straight line—you ascend only by looping back around, gaining a little altitude each time. A/B testing provides the insight you need to keep moving up.

Download 5 Testing Ideas from the LinkedIn Marketing Vault to get started.