Plan a Smarter LinkedIn Marketing Strategy in Eight Crazy Nights

December 12, 2017

LinkedIn Sophisticated Marketer's Box Set

It’s a tale as old as time. Alcoholic man finds himself in trouble with the law again. Man gets one last chance at redemption. Man spends holiday season performing community service as an assistant basketball referee while living with an elderly man and his sister. 

Okay, so the storyline of Eight Crazy Nights won’t be confused with any of Aesop’s fables. But if nothing else, it does remind us that radical transformations can happen quickly. As long as you start with an objective, place yourself in a productive environment, and supply yourself with the right knowledge, you can accomplish big things in a small amount of time.

Let’s suppose your objective is to accomplish big things by marketing on LinkedIn this year. Great! That’s a worthwhile objective for any B2B marketer, especially when you consider that 80% of B2B marketing leads sourced through social media come from LinkedIn.

What if, in only eight days, you could have a strategic, well thought out plan for identifying and engaging your professional audience this year? Is that doable or crazy? Take a look at the agenda below and judge for yourself.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, group a few of the action items together and development your team’s LinkedIn marketing plan in a single work week. Give it a theme and go nuts.

How to Plan a Smarter LinkedIn Marketing Strategy in Eight Crazy Nights (or Days)

Crazy night (or day) #1: Read The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

What better place to start than the definitive guide on LinkedIn marketing? Download the guide to learn:

  • How to use the authentic, member-generated, first-party data on LinkedIn to get your content in front of the right professional audience
  • Strategies for using LinkedIn Company Pages, Showcase Pages, Sponsored Content, and SlideShare as part of a fully integrated marketing strategy
  • How to gain clear visibility into the impact of your programs throughout the purchase process

Crazy night (or day) #2: Who are our target audiences on LinkedIn?

Discuss who will buy from you and who will consume your content. Is there a difference? Is so, how does that affect your approach?

Crazy night (or day) #3: Who is going to do the work?

Before you decide what to do, it’s important to know your available resources. Be specific by naming names and what they’re committed to doing each day, week, month, etc.

Crazy night (or day) #4: What can we offer our professional audiences at each stage of their journey?

How can you position your LinkedIn Company Page and strategic landing pages as must-visit destinations during the buyer’s journey?

Crazy night (or day) #5: How will we define success?

What KPIs will you use to ensure your LinkedIn marketing activities contribute to your business goals? If you’re not sure where to start, check out The Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Metrics & Analytics.

Crazy night (or day) #6: When will we publish?

Even if your answer is, “whenever we have something worth publishing,” it’s important to document it. An always-on strategy tends to work best. 

Crazy night (or day) #7: How will we measure results and improve over time?

What will be measured daily, weekly, monthly? Who is ultimately responsible for campaign data and conversion tracking? What is the process for sharing findings with the team and recommending next steps?

Documenting your answers to these questions and establishing the workflow upfront will provide a foundation for improvement.

Crazy night (or day) #8: Conclude with a team brainstorm

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of how to market on LinkedIn and an action plan specific to your company, wrap your eight-day agenda by exploring additional ways to boost your results.

Here are a few questions to consider during your brainstorm:

  • How can you tap into the professional context of LinkedIn to capture attention?
  • How can you use organic and paid efforts to reach the previously unreachable?
  • How can you capitalize on Company Pages, Showcase Pages, Sponsored Content, LinkedIn Pulse, and SlideShare as part of a fully integrated marketing strategy?

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