The Best Recipe for Marketing ROI on LinkedIn [Infographic]

Our Secret Sauce Revealed

February 8, 2017

LinkedIn Secret Sauce

Similar to any successful, well-run food laboratory, the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team has cultivated a culture of testing. We swap out ingredients - a dash of eye catching imagery and a sprinkle more personalization. We continually taste test for quality control and we don’t remake dishes that didn’t perform well with our audience - and neither should you.

Since we want you to replicate our success - and we’re really into food analogies right now - we’re sharing our Secret Sauce. It’s the result of our testing, iterating and gut-lead but data informed campaign decisions.

Your buyers’ expectations for personalization and excellent content experiences have changed. A recent study by Verint Systems showed that businesses and consumers are both more likely to switch brands after a bad experience than because of a bad product. If your marketing strategy seems like it needs a kick, spice it up with these tips from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team.

The infographic below will outline:

  • What we’ve learned from dozens of A/B tests

  • How we drive personalized messages at scale with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

  • How we see the best conversion rates with audience range and bidding best practices
  • LinkedIn Secret Sauce

Get your hands on our Secret Sauce and you’ll have the formula you need for tasty results on the LinkedIn platform.