The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Events: India

How an Event Content Strategy Can Boost Marketing Performance

January 2, 2018

For many B2B marketers in India, events are a tried-and-tested, and well-loved tactic. On average, brands reserve 25-30% of their budgets for creating or sponsoring events, according to a report from KPMG India. Marketers in India invest in events for good reason. Ours is a society built on relationships and face-to-face events are an excellent opportunity to create those bonds.

While marketers have been focused on running events, something interesting has been happening in the background. Content marketing has been quietly gaining traction in India and savvy marketers are beginning to see a synergy between the two. 

Already, 62% of Indian marketers agree that content marketing leads to better engagement, according to Octane Research's "Digital by Default, Digital India 2017: Marketing Trends & Forecast." And since events are essentially an exercise in engagement, dovetailing the two together can bring about dramatic results.

Your event content strategy starts with a content theme that marries the message you want to send and the content that your target audience is keen on. Here’s how you can approach it:

  1. Make it relevant. Your content needs to resonate with your target audience so a good place to start is by understanding what makes them tick.
  2. Make it timely. Look for ways to contextualise your content to make it part of the conversations that people are having now.
  3. Make it consistent and coordinated. Be sure that you’re telling the same story in the marketing lead-up to your event (promotions) and at the event itself (speakers and topics).

For more insights into developing an event content strategy, and for a whole host of useful tips and tools, check out The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Events: India. Download your copy of this step-by-step guide and continue creating and benefiting from impactful events.