How 10 Marketers Added Teeth to Their Lead Generation Strategy

April 20, 2017

As you and your colleagues sink your teeth into Proof Week, we thought you might want to get ahead by putting some teeth in your lead generation strategy. In this post, we highlight marketers who did just that using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Read on for bite-sized success stories that show how 10 marketers propelled their lead generation to new levels.

American Express’ Digital Manager Drives Acquisition Through Targeted Content

American Express set out to activate a cost-effective digital media strategy, positioning it as a market leader and raising awareness of its small business funding solution. “The targeting capabilities of the LinkedIn platform helped us to identify the right people and engage them with the right content at the right time. This – along with the ability to monitor performance – enabled us to not only sustain but  grow the volume of quality leads,” says Bree Marr, Manager, Digital Centre of Excellence, American Express. Here are the specifics:

  • 23% reduction in Cost Per Lead average compared to same period in prior year
  • 22% of LinkedIn leads converted to customers

Blue Book Network’s Social Media Manager Builds High-Performance Campaigns

As Brian Funicelli, Social Media Manager for The Blue Book Building & Construction Network® explains, [JP1] “We started out as a print directory of construction professionals in 1913. Even though we’d made the transition to digital advertising, we really began to see significant results when we started using LinkedIn.” Blue Book Network now leverages digital channels to drive registrations and attendance for its showcase events.

Using LinkedIn Sponsored Content, its results were nothing short of amazing:

  • 218% more showcase registrations at a 149% higher conversion rate compared to Twitter campaigns
  • 86% lower cost per lead at a 17% higher clickthrough rate compared to Facebook campaigns, leading to almost 40% more revenue generated
  • 42% lower cost per lead at a 250% higher clickthrough rate compared to AdWords remarketing initiatives

CA Technologies’ Head of Social Media Marketing: Delivering Higher Quality Leads at Lower Cost

To drive leads for its enterprise software solutions, CA Technologies needed to convert high-quality IT decision-makers once they downloaded relevant content. “Our LinkedIn campaigns succeed, because we’re connecting with a professional audience with a business mindset. And since Dynamic Ads are customized and personalized, they’re even more likely to gain attention, raise brand awareness, and drive conversions,” explains Andrew Spoeth, Head of Social Media Marketing for CA Technologies.

Using LinkedIn Dynamic Ads, CA generated a whopping 11.3 percent conversion rate at a cost per lead that was 68 percent less than other social channels.

If you’ll be attending the 2017 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco, join us for a live session where Andrew Spoeth will share how his team achieved these results and more.

Duke University Associate Dean of Global Marketing Sees Record-Breaking Conversion Times

The majority of applicants to Duke University’s Cross Continent MBA program in the past have come in from word-of-mouth referrals. To promote the program to new prospects in diverse global regions, Duke used LinkedIn’s InMail solution. In the most recent campaign, Duke benefited from numerous upgrades to the Sponsored InMail tool, which made a substantial impact on Duke’s campaign performance:

  • 68% open rate ­
  • Cost per lead 10% less than other channels ­
  • 400% increase in conversions compared to 2013 campaign ­
  • Sales pipeline closure speed increased 300%

“One of the extraordinary things about this InMail campaign is that we have two students starting in August who had never heard of this program when they received our InMail in March. In the history of my marketing experience at this school, I’ve never seen us convert that quickly,” says Elizabeth Hogan, Associate Dean of Global Marketing for Fuqua School of Business.

eDataSource’s CMO “Doubling Down” on Marketing that Works

As a go-to provider of email intelligence, eDataSource knows the value of digital marketing. And eDataSource’s CMO, Arthur Sweetser, is always on the lookout for new ways to get more out of every marketing dollar. After initially experimenting with a $20-per-day budget on LinkedIn, Sweetser consulted with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and implemented a comprehensive set of best practices. Using LinkedIn Sponsored Content, he was able to drive a:

As Sweetser proclaims, “I’m a classic marketer. If something’s working for me, I’m going to do more of it. And with LinkedIn delivering a 30+% conversion rate, I’m definitely doubling down.”

NetBrain’s Digital Marketing Manager Reaches Hard-to-Find Prospects

NetBrain is a software company that targets senior-level network engineers at large enterprises, which is a difficult audience to find through traditional advertising methods. According to Priyank Savla, Digital Marketing Manager at NetBrain, “LinkedIn offers the most precise targeting and messaging of any platform. It helps you reach the right people with the right message.”

Using Sponsored Content and InMail, the results have been exceptional:

  • Established relationships with pre-qualified accounts
  • Raised awareness of product with influential audience ­
  • $4.1 million in revenue influenced by LinkedIn

Replicon’s VP of Online Marketing Builds Quality Lead Pipeline of Prime Decision Makers

To reach out to prospects sooner and encourage engagement on topical issues surrounding human resources and employment laws, Replicon – a SaaS workforce management solutions provider – chose LinkedIn Sponsored Content. They added Sponsored InMail to the mix so they could share individual messages with LinkedIn members. As Brett Chester, former Vice President of Online Marketing at Replicon, explained, “With open rates as high as 48%, LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMails knocked the socks off our own email campaigns.

  • Achieved Sponsored InMail open rate of 48%
  • Sponsored InMail response rates 11X better than other social channels ­
  • Cost per lead 73% lower than other social channels ­
  • CTR on Sponsored Content 4X LinkedIn benchmarks

Philips’ Head of Digital Translates Storytelling Into Leads            

For the launch of its new Visiq ultrasound scanner, Philips developed a new storytelling approach, using a sequence of carefully targeted Sponsored Content to tell stories related to the device, and build up awareness of its benefits over time. Using storytelling as a lead generation tool has dramatically improved the quality of leads – and this has a big impact on ROI:

  • Engagement rates consistently over 1% and 35% ahead of benchmark ­
  • Over 70 leads generated around the Medido automated pill dispenser, generating 40x ROI
  • Storytelling-driven lead generation strategy applied across other areas of the Philips business, with ROI of up to 100x

“When you look at these metrics you see just how efficient and effective LinkedIn is,” concludes Didier Zegers Director, Head of Digital at Philips BeNeLux.

Sitecore® Marketing Director Almost Triples Webinar Audience

Sitecore®, a global leader in customer experience management, approached LinkedIn looking to attract senior marketers and new customers to their webinar series, Digital Survivor. To increase webinar viewership, Sitecore ran marketing campaigns on Mumbrella, AdNews, and B&T, and sent over 6,000 InMails via LinkedIn. The webinar registration results speak for themselves:

  • Halved cost per lead while doubling the success rate
  • Increased webinar registrations by approximately 300%
  • Achieved a 10-12% InMail click-through rate

As Marketing Director Nicole Stirling explains, “It was initially just a 6-month plan but, since the great results, we already have our next 6-month plan.”

Spigit Idea Management’s Growth Marketer Taps Into Leads That Convert

Spigit is an idea management software platform that helps customers determine the best ideas using the power of data. When looking for a digital marketing solution, Spigit needed something that could meet their data-driven expectations.

Armed with a clear picture of their audience – and LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities – Spigit began to run a series of account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns using LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Once the campaigns were underway, Spigit frequently ran A/B tests to optimize the performance of each.

“LinkedIn has been, by far, the best channel for generating quality leads that convert, helping us exceed our revenue goals and achieve 7X ROI,” concludes Lin Ling, Growth Marketer at Spigit.

To learn more about the tactics behind the results, feel free to take a deeper dive into these case studies, or get right down to business with LinkedIn Ads.