13 Songs That Speak to Marketers

February 24, 2016

The earworm. That dreaded song that sticks in your mind on repeat. It can be a horrifying experience. But when that song matches your mood – and demonstrates just how good of a job you’re doing – that musical repetition isn’t so bad. In fact, it actually can feel pretty good.

Below is a list of songs that should make marketers feel great, because these tunes underscore things that effective marketers are doing very well. Here are 13 musical pieces that should speak to marketers – and make them sing along proudly.  So get your headphones, and check out this list, which reminds us of what approaches marketers should be putting into practice in this data-driven, customer-focused age.

“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” James Brown

This classic by the Godfather of Soul reminds marketers who adjusting to a fast-moving world requires that they regularly must have a “brand new bag.” The most effective marketers have embraced digital, social, and mobile. Those who wisely dive into what’s next will have a brand new bag that’s full of revenue. 

“Same Old Love,” Selena Gomez

This new song by Ms. Gomez reminds marketers that they must continue to improve their content so they’re reaching audiences not with the same old, irrelevant content but with content that speaks directly to them (and not to some over-generalized demographic bucket).

“Symphony No. 9,” Ludwig van Beethoven

Marketers today have so many tools – marketing automation software, data management platforms, customer relationship management systems. The most effective marketers make all of these tools work together like a great composer making the strings, woodwinds and brass work together in perfect harmony. 

"Closer to the Heart," Rush

B2B is a bottom-line and data-driven world, but the most effective marketers understand that the heart plays a big role in the buying process. B2B buyers consult the data, but emotions such as safety and trust impact the final buying decision. Your content must speak to the softer side of B2B marketing. 

“Hello,” Adele

“I must have called a thousand times,” that’s what Adele sings in her latest smash hit. But it’s also a line that salespeople who can’t get their prospects on the phone can relate to. Marketers who use account-based marketing principles can help their sales team get prospects from targeted accounts on the phone – or better yet get them to the bargaining table. 

“Constant Craving,” K.D. Lang

The key to content marketing is to develop content that your customers and prospects want to read. You want your content to be so valuable that they’d actually pay for your marketing. You want your audience to develop a “constant craving” for your newsletters and everything else you produce. 

“Where Are U Now,” Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber

Studies show that 95 percent of website visitors leave a company website without converting. But with retargeting marketers can continue to reach those visitors with targeted messages no matter where those prospects are on the Web. 

“Young Americans,” David Bowie

Millennials are usually associated with consumer marketing, but an increasing number of Millennials are influencing B2B buying decisions, too. Your marketing has to reflect that: The most effective marketers are reaching “Young Americans,” wherever they are. 

“Halo,” Beyonce

In this huge hit, Beyonce sings, “Remember those walls I built/Well, baby, they’re tumbling down.” Through nurturing and education, marketers want to break down the guarded resistance of prospects to ultimately prime them to listen to the product pitch. 

“Goin’ Mobile,” The Who

It’s no secret your audience is full of people using their smartphones. Your message has to be “goin’ mobile,” too. At the very least, your website has to be optimized for mobile. And the most effective marketers are getting their advertising and other marketing messages on the small screen.   

“Power to People,” John Lennon

It’s a fact that in the Internet age the people – that is, the customers -- hold all the power. Companies that focus on the customer will be the big winners, and marketers must create messages and experiences for empowered customers who have many options on where to spend their budgets. 

“Rapper’s Delight,” The Sugarhill Gang

Most marketers have mastered the creation of the educational, helpful content that our prospects need. The most effective marketers are able to take their content to another level and entertain and “delight” their customers, just like the Sugarhill Gang was able to do back in the 1970s when they essentially launched hip hop with “Rapper’s Delight.”  

“Hello, Goodbye” The Beatles

To avoid churn -- in other words, when too many of your customers are saying “hello” and then all too quickly saying “goodbye” – the most effective marketing teams have built sophisticated customer marketing programs to make sure customers stay customers.  

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