Announcing the Solving for Marketing ROI Checklist [SlideShare]

July 25, 2017

LinkedIn ROI Checklist

You are 1.6 times more likely to receive a bigger marketing budget if you measure ROI. Yet, 40% of marketers report that proving ROI is a top challenge. No more. We’re here to help you make the marketing math work so that you can confidently make the case for future campaigns.

Measuring clicks alone isn’t enough to show that your marketing pays dividends. To connect marketing to revenue, we need to measure every stage—from top-of-funnel traffic all the way down to customer acquisition.

To show you how the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team measures beyond the click, we created a Solving for Marketing ROI Checklist, complete with all the steps we take to accurately measure ROI and demonstrate our marketing success. Whether you have questions about setting the right goals, which metrics to track, or which attribution models to use, we have you covered.  

Check out our marketing ROI checklist and learn about:

  • Setting goals that lead to positive ROI
  • Strategies for measuring beyond the click
  • Calculating return on ad spend
  • Accurately attributing revenue to your marketing campaigns
  • Using customer lifetime value (CLV) for marketing budget allocation

Do you know your team’s true impact on the bottom line? For the ultimate guide to measuring marketing performance, download Solving for Marketing ROI: Measuring Peak Performance.