Live Webinar: Three Secrets to Demystifying Data

April 26, 2017

Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI

As the B2B marketing landscape withstands increased pressure to deliver meaningful results, the role of data continues to evolve and sustain greater importance than ever. And with data driving today’s most critical business decisions, if you aren’t looking at the numbers, you should be.

But how do you know whether to follow the data, or follow your gut?

Join us for an exclusive live conversation with LinkedIn’s Global Marketing Director, Kelly Kyer; BusinessOnline CEO, Thad Kahlow; and Lithium Technologies VP of Marketing, Dayle Hall; on Wednesday, May 10, at 9am PT | 12pm ET as we discuss the challenges B2B marketers face when it comes to data in today's ever-more-competitive world.

In our webcast, Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI, we’ll explore and cover topics focused on notion of finding real marketing ROI, like:

  • Why data is the great clarifier
  • Three secrets to demystifying data
  • How data should inform content alignment across the buying journey

We’ll also dive into key insights we found when interviewing industry experts, such as:

  • 10% get it, 90% are immobilized. Only 10% of the marketers we spoke with feel they are “getting data-driven marketing right.”
  • Disruption must happen, but trust your instinct too. Data should help you see what’s coming and act on it, before it’s too late, but data alone doesn’t paint the full picture; the most effective data-driven marketing incorporates gut feel and human instinct.
  • Learn to think, test, learn, iterate, and repeat. Marketing today is complicated and crafted anew from a blank slate. Approach data usage like the technology industry approaches product innovation.
  • Foster a data-driven culture. The glaring obstacle in adopting a data-driven marketing approach is the cultural shift needed to make it feasible. Data-driven business crosses and helps to break down silos, functions and boundaries and should be led by marketing.

Altogether, by developing an integrated, adaptable model, we can pave a path forward in this uncertain and complicated world of data. Register today for Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI, and get the jump start you need to deliver powerful marketing results. To view Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI in advance, download it here. We look forward to driving discussions around data further and hope to see you there.