What Does #SophisticatedMktg Mean in One Word?

August 18, 2016

What Does #SophisticatedMktg Mean in One Word?

Scientists and linguistics experts alike have toiled for years to answer one fundamental question: What’s the word? We thought the problem was solved in the 1960’s, when science concluded that bird is the word. But that consensus only lasted until the late 70’s, when some insisted that, in fact, grease is the word.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the “grease” or the “bird” camp, though. Neither of those words, scientifically-approved as they are, are likely to make you a better marketer.

To help solve this mystery once and for all, we asked the team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to sum up what sophisticated marketing means to them in just one word.

Some of them cheated with hyphens. Some wrote two or three words because they know there are no rules in marketing, only guidelines. But all of their responses are bound to inform and inspire you.

Have you got a new word for us? Join the #SophisticatedMktg movement and let us know. We’ll mail you a swanky Sophisticated Marketer decal, and you could win a Sophisticated Swag Pack with books, a t-shirt, and other sophisticated accessories.

But first, here are some of the responses from sophisticated marketers attending a recent LinkedIn Marketing Innovators event. 


Online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing: For a sophisticated marketer, it’s all just marketing. You know the channels that are available to you, and you focus on the ones that add the most value.

Marketing Innovator: Divya Dutt, Senior Markering Manger @ Marketo


It’s not just about collecting data. It's understanding which metrics align to which goals and objectives. And most importantly, it’s how you use the data to generate insights for continuous iteration and optimization. 

Marketing Innovator: Emily Novosel, Program Marketing Manager @ Kareo

Knowing Your Audience.

Creating relevant content that moves people to action starts with knowing what makes them tick. Sophisticated marketers use data, personas, interviews, and good-old-fashioned empathy to get inside their audience’s heads. 

Marketing Innovator: Ziad Stephan, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager @ Pure Storage


There’s no room for hunches, flights of fancy, or Highest Paid Person’s Opinions here. Sophisticated marketers put data in the driver’s seat. They know data doesn’t limit the creativity of content; it just makes content more relevant.

Marketing Innovator: Nick Ezzo, VP Demand Generation @ Host Analytics


Honesty is more than a question of ethics: It’s a question of survival. Buyers check up on claims, ask customers and competitors, and woe to the company that tries to pull the wool over their eyes. Sophisticated marketing should always seek to elevate through impeccable honesty.

Marketing Innovator: Kai Fortney, Senior Director, Marketing @ Hired


In a world of infinite options, the ability to tell a better story—about your brand, about your product, about how each improves people’s lives—is a major differentiator. It’s important to be equally at home with crafting a narrative as you are at an SEO dashboard.

Marketing Innovator: Carolyn Feinstein, VP of Marketing @ Pure Storage


The number one factor in whether our content succeeds or fails is how well it finds the most relevant audience. Sophisticated marketers combine extensive audience research with laser-precision targeting to make it happen.

Marketing Innovator: Lennie Silwinski, Director of User Acquisition @ Hired


Sophisticated marketers are more interested in continuous improvement than following tradition. They know how fast the modern marketing world moves. What worked a year ago—what worked a month ago—might not be the best method now. So we strive to stay flexible and open to change

Marketing Innovator: Jason Miyasato, Director of Global Campaigns @ Anaplan


One of the holier grails for sophisticated marketers is being able to take full credit for their contribution to sales. But it’s more than just getting the right kudos. Proper attribution means better measurement, which means better data to analyze, which means smarter improvements to each campaign.

Marketing Innovator: Nelson Wang, VP of Partnerships @ Toptal

These are just a few of the attributes that define sophisticated marketing. What’s your one (to three) word definition? Let us know @LinkedInMktg, with the #SophisticatedMktg hashtag.

In the meantime, Join the #SophsticatedMktg movement and let the world know you’re a sophisticated marketer.