The Secret to Better Engagement on LinkedIn, According to Hootsuite

August 27, 2018

The secret to a good LinkedIn strategy is simpler than you think. With a few key elements, you can increase your following and grow your business.

At Hootsuite, we’ve done lots of trials and testing to find out what works for our brand. We’ll share our top social media tips for how to improve your engagement on LinkedIn.

5 things every brand should do on LinkedIn

1. Try out different messaging approaches to see what sticks

LinkedIn is a business-focused channel, so it has a different target audience than your other social networks.

To figure out what resonates best with your LinkedIn audience, you’ll need to test different messaging approaches. Play around with:

  • Your tone and style. Is it playful, serious, informative?
  • The copy length. Is it short or long-form?
  • Your rich media. How do visuals support the messaging?

It’s important to test—rather than make assumptions—because the results will surprise you. With our ROI of social media post (below) we used an informative style with a long-form copy approach, which outperformed our pithier messaging approaches.

Protip: Use LinkedIn’s A/B testing feature to compare different messaging strategies and identify your top-performing content.

2. Use your ad budget to reach a specific audience

If you’re working with a budget, it’s important to be selective. We often boost organic posts such as product launches and campaigns to make sure that we reach a specific audience.

By creating highly targeted ads, we increase our engagement during key campaign periods and experience higher conversions. We also get a stronger ROI on our campaigns and are able to stretch our ad budget further.

Protip: LinkedIn is the only social network where you can target by job title—so take advantage of this capability when running ads.

3. Test your publishing volume to maximize engagement

Here’s why publishing volume matters: If you post too little, you’ll lose out on engagement, but if you post too much, you run the risk of spamming your audience.

You need to find that magic posting number to maximize your engagement.

Overall performance matters. However, you want to share quality content that resonates with your audience every single time you post. If you post 7-10 times a day and get 100 clicks, versus 3-5 times per day and get 90 clicks, it’s much better to post 3-5 times. You don’t want to post too much and see diminishing returns for a few extra likes.

Protip: Always consider time of day when posting. LinkedIn is a professional network, so you’re likely going to have higher engagement Monday-Friday during 9-5pm.  It’s important to test to find out what your best posting times are.

4. Create your own rich-media assets to stand out from competitors

We experience a big uptick in engagement and conversions when we create our own content—this is because we focus on creating quality content that offers instant value for our audience.

For example, when we posted a video for our Social Trends campaign, it received 150% increase in impressions compared to our traditional campaign posts on LinkedIn. We also saw a 130% increase in engagement with a post that included a custom graphic compared to a post with a link preview.

Protip: The type of content you invest in will vary according to your budget, but if you can manage it, high-quality video is a safe bet. We’ve got insights from our top 5 social videos in 2018 to help guide your content creation.

5. Expand your content mix to reach a broader audience

LinkedIn is so much more than a marketing channel. It also offers a way for you to reach executives on social, showcase your company culture, and recruit top talent.

If you haven’t already, consider sharing:

  • Thought leadership from your own executives
  • Company news and updates
  • Job postings and perks
  • HR tips on the workplace

Protip: Get your executives on LinkedIn and encourage them to publish long-form content on the publishing platform.

Follow these tips to start seeing better results on LinkedIn. You’ll be on your way to creating your best content yet.

For more insights on how to manage your brand on LinkedIn, read our comprehensive guide to LinkedIn for business.

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