Why Social Media Managers Should Spend Time on LinkedIn

August 11, 2020

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As a social media manager, it's hard to find time to think, let alone time to strategize.

How do you prioritize the channels and messages that matter when your time is limited? And where can LinkedIn fit in your daily routine?  

If your goal is engaging professional audiences in context where they're in the mindset to do business, you should be considering the world's largest professional network as a player in your social media marketing mix. Check out these proof points illustrating the booming engagement on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn Is a Powerful Platform for Brands

It’s quite likely the professionals you want to reach spend time on numerous social media channels. But it’s not just a matter of engaging them on social media; you need to catch them when they’re in the right mindset.

That’s why LinkedIn should be your go-to platform. It’s where professionals are ready to engage with brands like yours. It’s also where your brand can stand out and where you can generate results that matter.

It’s All Right On LinkedIn

Three things set LinkedIn apart from other social media channels:

  • A business environment. As a high-quality, brand-safe environment, LinkedIn provides a space fit for our community of professionals. People trust the information and content shared on LinkedIn because it’s shared by true professionals. LinkedIn was named the most trusted social platform in Business Insider's Digital Trust report.

  • A professional audience. On LinkedIn, we’ve assembled the world’s largest professional community numbering more than 690 million members. These are the world’s business leaders, decision makers, influencers, today’s daily practitioners, and tomorrow’s future leaders – everyone who matters to your brand. That’s quality reach at scale with people who come to LinkedIn in a professional mindset, to exchange ideas and grow their careers.

  • Meaningful engagement. All of this means your time is better spent on LinkedIn to drive organic engagement. Quality conversations and content thrive in the LinkedIn feed, driven by member engagement and quality content from brands, publishers, and even members. That means on LinkedIn, you can drive awareness, encourage consideration, and even help your company convert prospects to customers.

Make the Most of Your Time

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what LinkedIn’s own social media managers have to say about the value of spending time on LinkedIn:

“Like any profession, SMMs should be well exposed to all aspects of their expertise since they all offer something different. LinkedIn is just one of many social landscapes, but to me, it offers something unique: a truly active, vocal, helpful and knowledgeable community of professionals that can help you accomplish your career goals. Brands can and should be a part of that community, and as SMMs, we have the chance to use LinkedIn to be a key asset in their journey.” Derrick Chung, Social Media Manager at LinkedIn

“Generally speaking, I think that people go to different platforms with different motives. Some platforms may be people’s go-to for humor, others for creativity, while LinkedIn is an interesting combination of a few. People go to LinkedIn to be inspired, to learn, to connect. The knowledge sharing that takes place on the platform makes it special. Whether you’re a social media manager sharing a company update, article, or building your talent brand, your audience is coming to the platform for information and connecting.” Ismael Verduzco, former Social Media Manager at LinkedIn

“LinkedIn is the valuable key to rounding out the social ecosystem. People crave different things from different platforms and to have a spot where you can learn, be inspired, find the tools and resources that will connect you to opportunities and your community is truly one of a kind. You can tap into such a range of professionals at different stages in their careers, all in one place.” Allie Brewer-Hay, Community Manager at LinkedIn

“No matter how you define success, LinkedIn is the place that can help you achieve it. From your business goals, to your personal professional goals, LinkedIn’s purpose and value is clear for B2B and B2C.” – Page Williams, Sr. Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

So what are you waiting for? Download The Social Media Manager's Guide to LinkedIn and start making the most of your time.