A Millennial’s Magnetic Influence on LinkedIn [Infographic]

May 23, 2016

For some marketers, millennials are like the invading aliens in a sci-fi movie. Who are these strange creatures? What do they want from us? How can we communicate with them?

In the absence of hard facts, it’s easy to rely on broad stereotypes that barely resemble the diverse reality of my generation. No, we don’t need a trophy and a standing ovation just for getting out of bed in the morning.

Millennials have an estimated $1 trillion in purchasing power. Oh, and this year we are expected to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest generation in the country. So it’s long past time to find out exactly what makes us tick and how you can reach us.

Thankfully, the team at LinkedIn is cutting through millennial myths with hard evidence. We compiled data from the 87 million millennials who use LinkedIn for our new eBook, The LinkedIn Millennial Playbook. Our millennial staffers wanted to show exactly who we are, what we want from our professional lives, and just how much influence we hold.

The following infographic, A Millennial’s Magnetic Influence on LinkedIn is a snapshot of the data we uncovered. Check it out to see:

  • Which occupations are the most popular for millennials
  • How recruiters can provide what millennials want in a job
  • The 10 content topics that millennials engage with most

This infographic has insights for everyone, whether you’re a millennial yourself, or just someone struggling to understand us. Happy viewing!


For exclusive research and insights by millennials, for millennials, download The LinkedIn Millennial Playbook.