Introducing the Executive Playbook, Your Guide to an Exemplary C-Suite LinkedIn Presence

February 7, 2018

LinkedIn Executive Playbook

They call it the C-suite, but it could just as easily go by “see suite,” because a company’s top executives are usually its most visible individuals to the rest of the world. And internally, their actions set an example for the entire organization to follow.

In 2018, a polished digital presence should be a high priority for all executives. LinkedIn created the Executive Playbook: 10 Steps for Leading in the Digital Age to serve as your guide.

An Executive’s Blueprint for LinkedIn Mastery

No matter the industry or vertical, there’s a set of universal best practices for executives on the LinkedIn platform. We’ve developed some of these through our own institutional knowledge, and compiled others by analyzing the profiles of digitally savvy execs as well as interviewing C-level leaders and LinkedIn experts.

Then, we put it all together in the form of an actionable step-by-step guide, distilling down to the most critical information.

In the Executive Playbook, you’ll learn how to:

●   Set up your profile and strategic connections to meet your objectives

●   Tailor notification and privacy settings for the experience and transparency you desire

●   Stay on top of everything you need to know about colleagues, peers, customers, competitors, and potential acquisitions

●   Track innovations, trends, and relevant news within your niche

●   Establish yourself as an authentic thought leader

●   Grow your business by building relationships the right way

●   Attract and retain top talent

There are 8.2 million C-level executives on LinkedIn. It’s easy to blend into the crowd, but far more valuable to stand out. Download the Executive Playbook: 10 Steps for Leading in the Digital Age and rise above.