Content Engagement on a Professional Network: A Recap of My Presentation at NewsCred’s Content Marketing Summit 2013

October 8, 2013

Our mission statement at LinkedIn is simple: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

Now more than ever, the onus is on individuals to advance professionally and move their own careers forward, and this shift in mindset is also why we’re seeing content consumption steadily increase on our platform – pageviews are up 69% over last year.

At NewsCred’s inaugural Content Marketing Summit 2013, I recently had the opportunity to talk about how smart marketers are leveraging this shift in mindset to drive campaign ROI by delivering relevant, valuable content to their audiences on LinkedIn. You can watch the full presentation here if you’d like.

Behavior on LinkedIn is different than it is on other social networks. Through worldwide research performed in partnership with TNS, we found that people are engaging with a “personal” network for immediate gratification in the form of entertainment, coupons, games, etc. But on a “professional” network, people are looking for insights and information to help them get better at what they do and drive their careers forward.

Think of it as “spending” time vs. “investing” time. But just because people are investing time does not mean it is deprived of emotion. LinkedIn members are people. They want things like happiness, progress, and money and they worry about things like job security, providing for their families and their professional reputation.

The professional identity is taking over. Individual profiles are being updated more frequently and LinkedIn is using this more accurate information to provide curated content that – referencing back to the mission statement – helps professionals become more productive and successful.

And that’s the key thing to remember when marketing to LinkedIn members – they are here to be successful. So if you can help them along that journey, you will better accomplish your marketing goals and drive ROI.

Driving ROI via social media can be difficult. 87% of SMBs are now using social media for content distribution, yet half of all content delivered received a less than effective rating.

We understand the social media engagement challenges you are faced with, and here is how we are helping you conquer them:

1) We can help you understand the types of content that are resonating on our platform.

2) We can help you understand content influence in the professional graph around the world.

3) We use this information to make recommendations.

We have predictive analytics that can tell you about the products and services you should be putting into your marketing messages, along with the types of audiences who are interested in those products and services. Predictive analytics can also tell you how to adjust your messaging scope and frequency for optimal clicks, shares, likes and other metrics related to your campaign goals.

This might surprise you, but content really is the core now on LinkedIn. Globally, members are investing 6x more time engaging with our content section than they are with our jobs section.

Among this group of content consumers on LinkedIn are decision makers and buyers.

Research and consideration are performed digitally today. In fact, companies are 60% through the decision making process before they reach out to brands. And an environment like LinkedIn is where buyers research and consider.

Companies like HubSpot – a lead-generation machine it its own right – are leveraging LinkedIn to get 400% more leads within their target audience than lead generation efforts on other platforms. How? By doing their research and fine-tuning their marketing efforts. In HubSpot’s case, they post content organically, track, and then push successful, optimized content to a broader audience.

But it’s not just about B2B and lead generation. Because the professionals on LinkedIn are also consumers – many of them affluent – global corporations and small businesses alike are also using LinkedIn to engage B2C audiences.

Do you need better performance from your content? We can help. Learn more about creating effective content marketing campaigns on LinkedIn.