Could Knowing Your B2B Marketing Funnelmentals Return 600% ROI?

A recap of our week-long B2B marketing webinar series

November 12, 2014

Last week, Bizo, which was acquired earlier this year by LinkedIn, hosted five webinars in a series called “Mastering the B2B Funnelmentals.” It was a week-long virtual event that brought together top strategists and practitioners from today’s leading marketing organizations to discuss topics including the value of full-funnel marketing, the latest strategies in lead nurturing, and more.

Missed the webinars? Don't worry - all of the presentations are archived, so you can listen to them at your leisure and gain deeper insight into how to get the most from your full-funnel marketing.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you have to know your Funnelmentals. And when you listen to these webinars, it becomes clear that great, sweeping changes are taking place in B2B marketing. One of the biggest transformations is the capability of marketers to deliver precisely targeted messages – at scale – that are carefully calibrated to where prospects are in the marketing funnel. The webinars feature marketing executives from Lenovo, Human Capital Institute, and Domo sharing how they are able to target their messages and how this targeting is delivering powerful results. (Is 600 percent ROI powerful enough for you?)

The webinars provide excellent insight into how marketers can take advantage of data-driven marketing to target messages no matter where prospects are in the funnel:

Mastering the B2B Funnelmentals Webinars

In one webinar, “Full Funnel B2B Marketing,” Andrea Frederick, Lenovo’s Direct Marketing Manager, discussed how the PC manufacturer used online display advertising to reach a new audience - small and medium-sized businesses - at every stage of the funnel. Brand awareness ads drove an increased number of SMB employees to the Lenovo website. From there, Lenovo used targeted display advertising to deliver different messages based on where the SMB visitor was in the funnel. The result was 600 percent ROI - “proof of concept that was overwhelmingly successful,” Frederick said in the webinar.

In “Developing the Best Content for Display and Social Ads", Rick Tolman, Domo’s Director of Online Marketing, shared his company’s approach to developing creative for display and social ads at different stages of the funnel.

In “Multi-Channel Nurturing: Textbook Strategies from the Pros,” Angela Young, VP of Marketing at Human Capital Institute, revealed how Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing enabled her organization to use display and social advertising to nurture prospects.

A fourth webinar showcased the lessons of a new book, “The Big Data-Driven Business,” written by Russell Glass, Head of B2B Products at LinkedIn, and Sean Callahan, Senior Manager, Content Marketing. This presentation delved into why marketing is growing more powerful, why CMOs will make good CEOs, and why the businesses that succeed will be data-driven and customer-focused.

The final webinar was a comprehensive walk-through of the Bizo platform, showcasing how to reach new audiences with precision via business demographic-targeted display, video, and social advertising.

To learn more about how LinkedIn is building a robust B2B marketing platform through the Bizo aquisiton, check out David Thacker, VP of Product at LinkedIn's announcement blog post.


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