Why You Should Consider a Career in Content Marketing

December 7, 2016

Why You Should Consider a Career in Content Marketing

As the new year approaches, you’re likely beginning to draft a list of resolutions you’d like to tackle in 2017. Perhaps it includes the usual suspects: get in shape, laugh more, write that screenplay. All seem so easy to accomplish, but we often fail to follow-through on these promises. Maybe it’s time for a refresh on this tired list of resolutions.

Here’s a new one: change jobs. Become a content marketer. I took the plunge into content marketing myself not so long ago, and thrust myself into one of the fastest-growing and most exciting sectors of the marketing and advertising space. 

The Content Marketing Institute research found that 89 percent of B2B companies are using content marketing. In addition, LinkedIn’s data regarding content creation on our platform confirms that content marketing is almost ubiquitous. Over the past two years, the number of companies posting on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Showcase Pages has more than doubled. In this same timeframe, the number of unique posts has more than tripled.

75 percent of the 1,000+ companies surveyed by Curata in 2016 are “increasing” or “significantly increasing” investment in content marketing over the coming year, because of its efficacy in driving leads and revenue.

A variety of data illustrates the strength of content marketing to professionals on LinkedIn. For instance, a whopping 94 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, according to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

Content Marketers are Staffing Up                                               

To produce all this content, companies are hiring content marketers. Of the companies surveyed by Curata, an impressive 43 percent are increasing staffing levels. In 2016, 42 percent of companies surveyed had an executive responsible for content marketing; by 2017, 51 percent of companies will have an executive responsible for content marketing. The survey also showed that skill-sets associated with content marketing have beefed up to include writers (i.e., journalists), design professionals, marketing operations experts, and others. 

How in-Demand are Content Marketers?

LinkedIn’s research confirms that marketing departments are on the hunt for content marketers. In the fall of this year, LinkedIn’s data showed that openings for content marketers far outstripped available jobs for other marketing roles, such as in demand generation or branding.

To put just how valuable content marketers are into perspective, we’ve compared the number of job postings for the discipline against other marketing gigs.

There are 2.8 times as many content marketing jobs available on LinkedIn as there are product marketing jobs. There are also more content marketing openings than brand marketing openings (5.5 times) or demand generation openings (9.4 times) listed on LinkedIn.

What kind of jobs are content marketers doing? An examination of LinkedIn profiles showed the most common job title featuring the word “content” was “content marketing manager.” LinkedIn data also shows the number of content marketing positions has increased by 3.4 times between 2000 and 2016.

The numbers are hard to argue with, and we think we’ve made a pretty compelling case regarding why content marketing (and content marketers) are here to stay. To learn more about a content marketing career, download LinkedIn and Curata’s Ultimate Guide to a Content Marketing Career.