8 LinkedIn Marketers Share Their 2019 B2B Resolutions

January 29, 2019


'Tis the season of resolutions. Gyms, diets, travel more, drink more water, not spending hours scrolling through instagram, etc. 😊

But what about resolutions at work? What B2B marketing resolutions have you made to be more productive and successful? I asked our very own LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions marketers around the world to find out what's top of mind for them going into 2019.

Here are some of our team's 2019 B2B marketing resolutions

George Putong, Content Marketing Executive, APAC

  • Keep creating. Spend at least thirty minutes each day working on a passion project. Keep writing, keep taking photos and videos, keep drawing, and keep experimenting. The next best idea could come from a unique combo of content produced over time.

  • Frame it differently. Connect with someone in the business who’s in a role that’s a polar opposite from my own. Show them what I do and get their input. They might have new ideas at doing or creating things.

  • Pick up a useful language. Learn how to speak basic Mandarin and pivot towards understanding more things about continuously emerging markets like China and India.

Grace MacDonald, Associate Marketing Manager, EMEA

  • I’m not accepting meeting invites without a clear agenda. It’s going to be hard, but I’ve pre-wired my colleagues to expect this. It also means I need to practice what I preach and make sure I add agendas to all my invites.

  • To better align our content projects with the business and our audience, I’m trying to create shared goals with our Field and Product marketers or sales reps.  Not only are 2, 3 or even 4 heads better than one, it means I’m working on projects that push the needle and deliver for our teams & audience.

  • I’m trying to read 24 books in 12 months! A mix of fiction, biographies and marketing books. Currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and next up is Seth Godins new book! I’ve already pre-ordered Terry Hayes next novel (author of I AM PILGRIM) for October.

Keith Browning, Senior Marketing Manager, Global Brand, EMEA

The 'Big Rock' approach doesn’t just work for Content Marketing. I’ll be applying a similar approach to all of my projects i.e. identifying the 3-4 'Big Rock' projects that provide the most return and spend most of my time there. It won’t get more things done but it will get more of the right things done.

Alex Rynne, Content Marketing Manager, NAMER

In 2019, I’m going to try my best to do fewer things better.

There isn’t a prize for hitting publish and it’s unrealistic to think that, just because you publish something once, it means your entire audience has seen it. Your audience is diverse and has a variety of different content consumption preferences.

This year I’m going to spend 20% of my time creating content and 80% strategically distributing it.

I’m also resolving to spend more time going back and measuring results before I move on to my next campaign!

Megan Golden, Group Manager, Global Content & Social Media Marketing, NAMER

I’d like to do a better job of marketing my team’s work internally. Not just for the high-fives but to find more opportunities for cross-functional collaboration, support and program integration.

I’d also like to be more in touch with our sales teams -- finding the right cadence of touch points so that it becomes a more meaningful two-way conversation between the two teams.

Lastly, I want my team to think outside the eBook and find more mobile friendly mediums to share our stories at scale.

Natalia Rocha, Senior Marketing Manager, LATAM

  • Develop and streamline global processes for regional & local projects.

  • Grow and scale Latin America Marketing Solutions business with high class marketing programs.

  • Learn a new skill to keep me productive and successful.

Steve Kearns, Global Social Media Lead, NAMER

In 2019 I’d like to return to the core of what inspires me as a social media marketer by creating more fun, witty and engaging content!

More than ever before, I’ll push my team to create social content that surprises and delights our followers, while celebrating the members and customers finding success on the LinkedIn platform.

Caroline Young, Community Marketing Associate, NAMER

  • I will brainstorm new ways on how to better engage and collaborate with our best customer advocates.

  • I’m investing more time in developing my technical skills so I can be a stronger asset to the team in times where we’re in a pinch!

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