7 Can't-Miss Sessions at SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit

May 19, 2016

I’m looking forward to heading south to Nashville for the SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit next week. As part of my preparation for this event, which takes place May 24-27, I’ve been going through the jam-packed agenda to draw a circle around the sessions that will be incredibly useful for marketers (and that I’m hoping to attend).

The SiriusDecisions Summit is a conference the celebrates customer focused, data-driven marketing, and here are seven sessions that I anticipate will provide actionable lessons for marketers looking to bring that kind of approach to their organizations:

SiriusDecisions Foundations: Account-Based Marketing

Tuesday, May 24, 9:15-9:50am

This 35-minute SiriusDecisions Foundations session will explore one of the hottest concepts in marketing: account-based marketing. The session will pinpoint how ABM fits into the B2B ecosystem, delve into the ABM lexicon, and examine the SiriusDecisions ABM framework. 

AIG Leverages Laser-Targeted Messaging to Supercharge Customer Connection

Tuesday, May 24, 4:45-5:30pm

In this session, Cara Tabatchnick, Global Digital Strategy Director, AIG, will show how her company’s always-on approach to content marketing uses targeted messages to break through the clutter and reach the target market: insurance decision-makers. Tabatchnick will discuss how AIG partnered with LinkedIn to educate its target market, change negative perceptions, demonstrate thought leadership and establish an ongoing dialogue. 

ROI Award Winner Presentation with Microsoft

Wednesday, May 25, 11:10-11:50am

For SiriusDecisions, ROI means “return on integration,” and the ROI Awards go to SiriusDecisions clients who have excelled in implementing the marketing consulting firm’s framework. In this session, Microsoft’s Bill Hamilton, Senior Director of Marketing in the Cloud and Enterprise Business, and Charles Eichenbaum, Director of Marketing Technologies and Operations, will explain how the company took the top spots in the ROI Awards category of demand creation for “its construction of a next-generation, comprehensive demand creation engine at significant scale.”

Solving the Content ROI Conundrum

Wednesday, May 25, 1:30-2:10pm

In this session, Ross Graber, Marketing Operations Research Director at SiriusDecisions, will explore why virtually every company practices content marketing but most acknowledge that they have a hard time measuring its impact. This presentation will suggest a framework for content measurement, help set metrics to determine which content is working (and which isn’t), and outline a roadmap for turning insights gained by measurement into action that will boost content performance.

Sales Content: What Winners Do Differently

Wednesday, May 25, 4:30-5:10pm

In this keynote presentation, will explore a familiar conundrum for many salespeople: content everywhere, but nothing that fits their needs. SiriusDecisions’ Heather Cole, Service Director-Sales Enablement Strategies, and Christine Polewarczyk, Research Director-Strategic Communications Management, will showcase organizations that are managing and delivering content that their sales teams will actually use. This keynote will use a data-driven approach to examine how sales reps consume content and how winning sales organization use content to drive revenue. 

So Many Personas, So Little Time

Thursday, May 26, 1:50-2:30pm

In this session, SiriusDecisions’ John Grozier, Practice Director, and Cheri Keith, Research Analyst-Technology and Services, will explore the still confusing world of persona creation. Questions persist about how many personas to create? Which of these personas should marketers should marketers focus their efforts on? To help answer these and other questions, Grozier and Keith will outline SiriusDecisions’ Persona Framework and demonstrate our Persona Prioritization Tool.

Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Marketing Decision Making

Thursday, May 26, 2:40-3:20pm

The B2B marketing world is starting to catch up to consumer marketers in using predictive analytics to make choices about product design, audience targeting, and lead scoring. In this session, SiriusDecisions’ Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director-Demand Creation Strategies, and Mike Raimondi, Director of Consulting-Data & Analytics, will show how predictive analytics can help marketers make better decisions and present some marketing analytics use cases that marketers should consider implementing in their organizations.

I’ll be at the SiriusDecisions Summit for most of the event. If you want to talk digital marketing, look for me at the sessions listed above. Or you can find me or some of my colleagues at LinkedIn at booth No. 247 in the Marketplace area.

For more information on account-based marketing, download the Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Account-Based Marketing today!

Photo: Ron Reiring