At Content Marketing World, Pulizzi Asks Marketers to be "Fully Committed" to Content

September 7, 2016

This morning, before more than 3,500 marketers from 60 countries, Joe Pulizzi, introduced as “the Godfather of Content Marketing and lover of all things orange,” took the stage to kick off Content Marketing World in Cleveland.

Pulizzi, who is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, which produces the event, usually kicks off Content Marketing World with a summary of stats from a joint study CMI conducts with MarketingProfs. Last year, for instance, Pulizzi pointed out that 88 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing, but only 28 percent of content marketers have an actual documented strategy.

This year, Pulizzi focused on a single number from CMI’s and MarketingProfs new research. “One statistic this year hit me,” he said.

That stat? 20 percent.

That’s the number of global enterprise marketers who said they were “fully committed” to content marketing. Fully committed content marketers serve their customers with helpful, informative, and entertaining content — and with this content, they build a devoted base of subscribers. The other 80 percent were living in a content marketing “purgatory,” Pulizzi said. They’re developing too much marketing collateral, talking too much about themselves, and too often boring their prospects.

The research revealed that there are consequences to not being fully committed to content marketing, Pulizzi said. Fully committed content marketers are more successful, understand what defines success, and are better able to measure their ROI.

What Exceptional Content Marketers Do

In the end, Pulizzi said exceptional content marketers:

  • Focus on one audience with a single message or mission
  • Tell a unique story in their industry
  • Create content consistently over time
  • Build value outside of their products and services

“Mediocre content will actually hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all,” Pulizzi said, adding: “I would rather you do nothing at all than not be fully committed to the approach.”

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