Break Through the Noise to Influence Decision-Makers

SiriusDecisions Summit Case Study: How AIG Partnered With LinkedIn To Amplify Its Brand

May 23, 2016

All businesses know it is essential to have insurance. But choosing the right provider might not always be top of the agenda for the ultimate insurance decision-makers and those within their sphere of influence.

Business leaders are time-poor and bombarded with many competing messages. So how can you engage them effectively?

As insurance marketers, you need to ensure that content stands out and enables your business to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with those who matter most.  

Engaging the right people at the right time, throughout what can often be a long and complex process, will help establish an ongoing dialogue that can position your business as a thought leader and expert insurer.   

Our latest case study Break Through The Noise illustrates how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services helped American International Group, Inc. (AIG) develop and deliver a successful multiproduct strategy to amplify its brand.

Laying the foundations for success

The partnership set out to achieve a number of objectives for AIG which include:

  • Raising awareness of its brand
  • Educating business leaders on its multiple offerings
  • Shifting negative customer perceptions
  • Sharing knowledge and thought leadership
  • Showcasing topical content with an "always on" connection

A strong record of achievement

The inherent targeting ability of LinkedIn’s tools helped AIG deliver real time communication which: 

  • Reached the LinkedIn inboxes of more than 100k professionals over six months
  • Increased the number of followers by 270k+
  • Achieved Top 20 best Sponsored Content 46 unique times during 2015
  • Enhanced interaction with AIG content through 68k+ social engagements

Download Break Through The Noise now to learn more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services can help your organization deliver content that influences decision-makers and establishes meaningful, long-term relationships. 

Join us at SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit on Tuesday, May 24, at 4:45pm to hear AIG discuss this case study and its partnership with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services. 

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