Reflecting on Cannes Lions 2016: Leaders Look to the Future

August 15, 2016

Reflecting on Cannes Lions 2016: Leaders Look to the Future

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the closest marketers get to the Academy Awards. There’s glitz, glamor, red carpet, and celebrities galore. It’s not all razzle-dazzle, though—it’s a chance for brilliant marketing minds to share the ideas that move the whole industry forward.

This year, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions chose to highlight the PEOPLE and PURPOSE it takes to make innovation happen. We interviewed over a dozen thought leaders about some of the most pressing topics affecting marketing today, and the trends they see coming in the future. Here are a few highlights:

1. Nikki Mendonça, President, OMD EMEA

How can agencies keep up in an ROI-obsessed environment? Nikki explains OMD EMEA’s initiatives to improve attribution while staying people-and-creativity-focused.

2. Conor Brady, Chief Creative Officer, Critical Mass

Can marketers personalize experiences to provide real value without making the customer switch off? Conor explains how his team at Critical Mass addresses the issue.

3. Penry Price, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

Is attracting talent an HR function, a marketing function, or somewhere in between? Penry discusses how LinkedIn brings in the smartest people in the business.

4. Jonathan Nelson, Global CEO Digital, Omnicom Group

How can agencies attract marketers with cross-disciplinary skills to combine creative, data, and strategy and take a holistic approach to marketing? Jonathan addresses the challenges and opportunities.

5. Kirstin Flanik, President, BBDO NY

What does it take to engage and motivate the up-and-coming wave of new marketers? Kirstin talks about building a culture of ongoing education.

6. Rich Guest, President, Tribal Worldwide North America

What does the democratization of content creation mean for agencies? Rich explores everything from VR to viral video.

For more thoughts and predictions from leading marketers, visit our Cannes Lions 2016 Interview Page.

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