Transforming the Role of Marketing: What to Expect at BrandConnect Delhi

September 5, 2016

Marketing has undergone a massive transformation in the last decade — from owning the brand identity and customer-facing conversations, marketing has now grown to play an indispensable role in the boardroom and is increasingly being viewed as a business leader. In my 17 years as a marketer, I have witnessed a radical change in the way marketing is viewed and operates in India. Social media, data backed insights and the rise of content marketing are helping the modern marketer impact business in ways unfathomable in the past.   

On September 14th, LinkedIn will launch its flagship event for senior marketers in India — BrandConnect in Delhi. Featured speakers at BrandConnect Delhi include LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CMO Shannon Stubo, and Amitabh Kant, Chairman of NITI Aayog.

Join us for the session to understand how you can transform your career and learn from global industry leaders as they share a manifesto for marketers to hone their leadership skills.

We caught up with BrandConnect Delhi's opening keynote speaker — Hugh Burkitt, CEO, Marketing Society — on his thoughts before his inaugural trip to India and why he is excited about BrandConnect Delhi.

Q&A With Hugh Burkitt

LinkedIn: Why do you think that today Marketing is ideally placed to on leadership roles?

Hugh Burkitt: All companies need to grow financially. In the short term companies can grow their profit by cutting costs, but the only sustainable form of growth is through increasing customer demand, and this is the key role of marketing. Marketers are better placed than anyone else in the company to truly understand customer demand. And if they are really skilful they will go beyond understanding current demand, they can anticipate what customers are looking for – sometimes even before the customers realise themselves.

LinkedIn: What are marketers in the UK and US doing to improve their leadership of the organisation?

Burkitt: Marketers in both the UK and US are increasingly interested in improving their marketing leadership skills.  ‘Doing marketing’ is not the same as ‘leading marketing’. As with any human skill some people seem to be born with more natural talent, but we can all learn to lead more effectively. Top marketers are thinking about how they can motivate a) their CEO’s b) their marketing teams and c) the whole company, to provide better value for customers and more income for their companies.

The Mission of The Marketing Society is to inspire our members to be bolder marketing leaders. Through the Society members can learn from our Manifesto for Marketing Leadership, they can find talks and case histories by great marketing leaders, they can study our Excellence Awards winners, and they can participate in training such as our Marketing Leaders Programme, and our Being Bolder initiative.  

LinkedIn: What are you looking forward to during your inaugural trip to India?

I am particularly looking forward to discussing the role of marketing in Indian companies with fellow marketers and to sharing and discussing The Marketing Society’s Manifesto for Marketing Leadership.  The Marketing Society’s own vision is to become the leading global network for senior marketers and we are now planning to launch the Society in India with the help of an elite team of senior marketers led by Virginia Sharma, Director LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Find out more as LinkedIn launches our flagship Marketing event, BrandConnect in India. You can also follow along with the hashtag #LIBrandConnect and submit questions you would like to have answered via