It’s Back! Announcing Season 2 of Live with Marketers

A Live Video Series Broadcasted from the LinkedIn Studio

September 8, 2017

LinkedIn Live with Marketers Webcast Series

Back by popular demand, LinkedIn Marketing is gearing up to bring you the second season of our Live with Marketers webcast series. Broadcast live from the LinkedIn studio in Sunnyvale, we initially kicked off this morning talk show to tackle one of the toughest challenges for marketers: proving ROI. (Our first season is now available on demand.)

Catch highlights of what you missed below...

Now we’re expanding to take on other pressing topics based on your feedback, beginning with the intricacies of the millennial mindset. In our first episode of season two – airing September 14 – we’ve gathered a group of top millennial marketers to get an inside look at how they make purchasing decisions, what types of content they prefer and more. 

Inside the Millennial Marketer’s Mind

Thursday, September 14, 2017 – 11AM - 12PM PST.


Meghan Brockmeyer, Associate Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions

Rachel Lefkowitz, Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Learning Solutions


Alex Rynne, LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions

There are 114 million millennials on LinkedIn alone. Reaching them effectively begins with understanding their unique mindset.

The largest, most diverse, and most highly educated generation ever in the US has already made its mark on the world around us. As millennials continue to amass influence, the ramifications of ignoring their needs run deeper.

Perhaps nothing stands out about millennials more than seemingly paradoxical observations about what lies at our core. We’re frequently described as both self-centered and invested in making the world a better place, optimistic yet cynical, in love with technology yet craving human interactions, appreciative of inclusiveness but also wanting to feel special.

Understanding these contradictions and expectations is key for any marketer looking to engage millennials. I should know – I’m one of them.

Ignore our preferences and ways of thinking and you will likely lose us to another brand. Let’s face it – the world is at our fingertips and it’s all too easy to click away to the next new thing. On the other hand, if you develop a marketing strategy that caters to millennials and delivers an experience that stands out, you’ll gain valuable brand ambassadors. We’ll be sure to share our experience with hundreds – or in viral cases, millions – of friends and acquaintances via social media.

As the Center for Marketing Research at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth found, “millennials…look for information before they make purchases, but they’re looking for it from their trusted sources, and their trusted sources are not manufacturers or providers of products - they tend to be people in their social networks.”

We’ll cover all this and more in our live broadcast on September 14.

Tune into Inside the Millennial Marketer’s Mind to learn:

  • How millennials make purchasing decisions
  • Advice for marketers looking to reach millennials
  • What millennials predict for the future of marketing
  • What millennials want in a job
  • Personal branding tips for fellow millennials

Register today for our September 14 broadcast. For more tips on engaging your audience, stay tuned for two more episodes featuring new LinkedIn hosts and guests.