Video: Digital Transformation Rules at Cannes Lions

June 30, 2017

Future of B2B Marketing

This year, much of the conversation at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, which took place from June 17-24, revolved around the necessity of diversity in the corporate world in general — and at advertising agencies in particular.

There was also discussion about how technology — such as artificial intelligence, social media, and virtual reality — both aids and challenges marketers and storytellers. And there was debate about what all of this digital transformation means for the future of marketing.

With our video camera and microphone, we interviewed a cross section of attendees from Zenith Media, IPG Media Brands, and Microsoft at Cannes Lions to get their take on diversity, technology, and the future of marketing. Take a quick look at the short, illuminating, and entertaining videos below.

The Future of B2B Marketing

In this video, “Live From Cannes Lions 2017: B2B Marketing Trends,” we asked marketers and agency execs to identify the key trends that will shape the future of B2B marketing. Take a look at the video to see how data, personalization, artificial intelligence, and targeting will play crucial roles in the successful B2B marketing of the future from SMBs to the enterprise.

Live From Cannes Lions 2017: B2B Marketing Trends

Deidre Smalls-Landau, EVP, Managing Director, Identity, IPG Media Brands

At Cannes, Deidre Smalls-Landau was encouraged by the embrace of diversity, not just for the sake of appearances, but to better understand the complete market and ultimately to drive business results. “It’s not just diversity… It’s the impact of diversity,” she said in this video

Deidre Smalls-Landau, IPG Media Brands

Tom Goodwin, EVP, Head of Innovation, Zenith Media

Tom Goodwin is a believer in the power of social media, especially LinkedIn, where he posts not to aggrandize himself but to learn. “I love to be wrong… LinkedIn’s reach means that there are world experts out there just a few taps of the keyboard away,” he said in this video.

Tom Goodwin, Zenith Media

Paul Longo, Head of Agency Development, North America

This year Cannes Lions, Paul Longo said, was about technology, artificial intelligence in particular. “It was AI’s coming out party,” he said in this video. “This was really the first year that I heard about AI in a big way.” 

Paul Longo, Microsoft

Simon Fenwick, EVP-Director, Global Talent & Diversity, IPG Media Brands

Simon Fenwick said IPG Media Brands was focused on the talent at Cannes Lions. “The big things that are coming through for me and for our organization are the focus on Young Lions and the work that’s coming out of particularly Millennials and Gen Y,” he said in this video.   

Simon Fenwick, IPG Media Brands

Steve Sirich, GM, Bing Ads, Microsoft

The future of B2B marketing, Steve Sirich said, will be focused on delivering customized, targeted content at scale. “Over 74% of consumers today have come to expect a level of content programming that’s personalized,” he said in this video. And that percentage is only going to grow in the future. 

Steve Sirich, Microsoft

What’s Not on Your LinkedIn Profile

First, we talked business. Then, we got a little more personal and asked marketers and agency executives to share one thing that’s not on their LinkedIn profile. Take a look to see who had a screenplay produced, who worked in retail, who makes up songs on a daily basis, and who highly recommends the book, “An Officer and a Spy.” 

Live from Cannes Lions 2017: What's Not on Your LinkedIn Profile

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