The 19 Best Marketing Quotes from ANA Masters of B2B

June 10, 2018

Tomer Cohen

About 500 marketers gathered in Chicago earlier this week for the ANA’s B2B Masters of Marketing Conference. The three-day event featured top marketers speaking on a broad array of topics, from branding to sales and marketing alignment to customer marketing.

Among the highlights:

  • Barbara Basney, Vice President Global Brand, Advertising, and Media at Xerox, discussing how the company harnessed the creativity of 14 world-renowned artists for its “Set the Page Free” campaign.
  • Tomer Cohen, Vice President, Product at LinkedIn, speaking about how humanity’s superpower is building communities and how LinkedIn has been built for B2B marketers to find their communities, ranging from their total addressable audience to each member of the buying committee.
  • Mark Culliton, CEO of College Bound Dorchester, and Mike O’Toole, President of PJA Advertising, explaining how College Bound Dorchester is testing the boundaries of influencer marketing by deploying the tactic to get gang leaders to choose college over street corners — and then encouraging these leaders to influence their compatriots to make similar choices.

For all of the marketers who couldn’t venture to Chicago last week for the conference, we’ve collected some of best and most insightful quotes delivered from the podium. Here are our 19 favorite quotes from the conference:

Sales & Marketing Quotes

“[For marketers,] it’s more important to be interested than interesting — more interested in the challenges [Sales] needs to solve and less about all of the interesting things marketing is doing. — John Petralia, Partner, Catalytik
We used to think it was about increasing lead volumes to give salespeople more at-bats, but now it’s about lead scoring and prioritizing. — Denice Hasty, CMO, Comcast Business
We’re all in sales. We’re just responsible for different stages of the buying process. — John Petralia

Customer Marketing Quotes

The best customer experience sets the bar for every experience. — Joseph Puthussery, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Cisco
Behind every great man, behind every great woman, there is a powerful community and network that actually carries them. Our ancestors survived because they were the only ones able to collaborate. — Tomer Cohen, Vice President, Product, LinkedIn
Will the product that I’m going to invest in enhance my customer experience? Does it help build demand? Is it going to help build pipeline? — Tom Stein, Chairman, SteinIAS

Marketing ROI Quotes

We don’t let [campaigns] go forward — everything is stopped — unless we have hard numbers attached to it. — Tom Armentrout, Executive Vice President, Mower
We geek out on analytics. This helps us know: If I want to spend more in print, I want to spend it with this person. If I want to spend more in digital, I want to spend it with that person. — Suzanne Diaz, Marketing Manager, North America, Kingspan Insulation
No matter how many awards you’ve won for your creative work, for your campaigns, it's critical that you connect it to the bottom line. — Hue Du, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Equipment Depot

Branding Quotes

It’s not B2B, it’s B2H. There is always a human on the other side of the conversation. You want to have that emotional connection. — Aniko DeLaney, Global Head Corporate, BNY Melon
Naming and creating a brand is one part science and two parts art. — Stephanie Smith, Vice President, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer, Sentry Insurance
Great brand execution can cause audiences to think about you differently and act differently and can drive demand. — Denice Hasty
Good enough isn’t. — Hue Du
We do a lot of navel gazing in marketing. We love our products; they’re like our babies. But it takes a little discipline to engage people. We are in the storytelling business. When you lead with what you want to say, rather than what they want to hear, you're going to lose them. — Barbara Basney
Some people are coming to work saying, ‘My kids are amazed that I work at the company that Alexander Hamilton founded’. — Aniko DeLaney

The Future of Marketing Quotes

Be a lifelong learner. The pace of change in technology, the pace of change in business, the pace of change in marketing is unprecedented. — Teresa Poggenpohl, Senior Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, North America, Accenture
You need to keep reinventing. And truly that’s the hardest part. We think that’s what we have to do to stay relevant. — Stephanie Smith
We should bring in people smarter than us, bring in people better than us, quite honestly. — Adrienne Fasano, Head, Marketing and Communications, Americas, Cushman & Wakefield
Do not deploy a marketing automation technology unless you are 100% sure it is going to integrate or sit on top of whatever CRM system you have. — Matt Perschern, Senior Vice President, Global Demand and Performance Marketing, CA Technologies

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