3 Keys to Blockbuster B2B Success from the LinkedIn Marketing Team

May 8, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War came blasting into theaters at the end of April, unsurprisingly scoring massive box office results. The movie’s rousing success — a record-setting $250 million opening weekend haul domestically — serves to reinforce the franchise’s resonance with audiences, driven by three primary factors: focus, familiarity, and extensibility.

Hardly a standalone piece of content, Infinity War has been set up through years of strategic planning by Disney and Marvel. Through an ongoing focus on this universe of characters, the film studio has built familiarity, with open-ended and intriguing narratives creating extensibility to drive them forward.

During my speaking session at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2018 this afternoon, I’ll be talking about how this trio of concepts can and should become integral mainstays for B2B marketers looking to drive stronger long-term connections with their audiences.

Specifically, I’ll be pulling back the curtain to show how our marketing team at LinkedIn applies these principles to future-proof our content planning, fuel a sustainable social media engagement engine, and continually optimize our campaigns.

Newspaper Model Is Out, Blockbuster In

There’s a logical emphasis on information delivery in B2B, where useful insights and thought leadership serve as forms of currency. This compels many content teams to operate under a churn-and-burn newsroom model. But unfortunately, such a model is difficult to scale and monetize (see struggling dailies across the country for evidence).

During my session, I’ll talk about how we’ve tried to adopt the blockbuster model collectively across our organization with content programs like Sophisticated Marketer’s series, and what we’ve learned.

Build Familiarity Through a Well-Rounded Strategy

Generating the widespread interest that culminated with Infinity War’s box-office domination was a long-term process requiring consistency and a reliance on quality over quantity.

Sure, many people were already familiar with characters like Iron Man and Captain America, but Disney has kept them top-of-mind through a varied multi-channel approach, while avoiding the fatigue and brand dilution inherent to overexposure.

How can you stay relevant and important to your audience? Our team of LinkedIn marketers has found that the path to doing so lies in great Company Page content, a strong mix of organic and paid reach, and attentiveness to what types of posts and updates members are interacting with most.

I’ll elaborate on this formula, with examples of how some of the platform’s strongest performers are making it happen.

Extend and Optimize by Putting Your Content to the Test

Given the resources and stakes at play with one of its most prized franchises, Disney isn’t making decisions based on guesswork. With each of its movies, the studio runs audience test screenings to gather feedback, and incorporates this data into its future planning. You can bet the latest release was shaped in part by the way viewers have reacted to previous content.

Strategic marketers must follow a similar blueprint in optimizing their campaigns. If you’re not testing, you’re losing money.

At LinkedIn, we are constantly running A/B tests to assess what’s connecting on member feeds and what isn’t. This enables us to make informed decisions and maximize the efficiency of our spend. During my session, I’ll share some of the key insights we’ve gained through these practices.

Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

B2B marketers, assemble! I’ll cover these topics in depth on Tuesday at 4:45 PM, so I hope you’ll stop by and learn more if you’re in Las Vegas for the SiriusDecisions Summit. You can also visit LinkedIn’s booth at the event.

If you can’t make it, I recommend downloading our guide, The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing, in which you’ll find many of the exclusive insights and testing recommendations I’ll be discussing.