Your Content Marketing World 2018 Survival Guide: Don’t Miss These Sessions and Sights

September 2, 2018

Content marketing is all over the place these days. So many channels, so many formats, so many wildly different styles.

But for one week at least, the content marketing universe will revolve around one single location: Cleveland, OH, where CMI is hosting its annual Content Marketing World conference from September 4th through 7th.

Featuring many of the industry’s biggest names and foremost thought leaders, CMWorld 2018 is sure to be a revelatory experience. You’d better believe LinkedIn will have a presence at the event, and we have picked out some of our must-see sessions and workshops. We also asked several others who will be in attendance what they’re most looking forward to, and shared their responses below.

If you’ll be on hand in Cleveland and you’re looking to craft your own agenda for the week, we hope this guide will help with your planning. Take a look at what our team is most excited about.

7 Can’t Miss Sessions at CMWorld 2018

Tina Fey’s keynote is of course a no-brainer, but there are plenty of other speakers you’ll want to check out. Here are seven sessions we’re eager to take in this week.

Video Marketing Makeover - Transforming Boring Case Studies and Testimonials into Stories that Inspire Action

Speaker: Andrew Davis

Time: Tuesday, 9/4, 1:00P-4:00P

If you’ll be around on Tuesday afternoon, there are a bunch of great workshops taking place, but I’m especially intrigued by this one. Video marketing is clearly emerging as a mainstream tactic, and one that many of us are still trying to master. Here Davis will draw from his past experience as a TV writer and producer, teaching us how to create more compelling and impactful lower-funnel video content.

Relationship Building That's Vital to Make Your Content Marketing Thrive

Speaker: John Hall

Time: Wednesday, 9/5, 10:15A-11:00A

Forging connections and developing trusted relationships through content is essential to long-term success. Learn the principles of creating a message that moves you closer to your audience, from one of the top authorities on influence and engagement.

How to: 0 to 1 Million LinkedIn Video Views in 6 Months

Speaker: Allen Gannett

Time: Wednesday, 9/5, 11:20A-12:05P

Gannett is one of many early adopters who have experienced rapid success with native video on LinkedIn since the feature launched a year ago. Attend the TrackMaven CEO’s session to find out how he made it happen, with a breakdown of his preferred tools, equipment, and practices.

Does Your Content Work: The Art of Measuring Content Marketing Success

Speaker: Ashley Ward

Time: Wednesday, 9/5, 12:20P-1:05P

Accurate measurement of content marketing results is a vexing challenge for many pros in the field today. Ward’s lunch-and-learn session will drill down to the fundamentals of content ROI and metrics that actually matter.

The Confluence Equation: How Content and Influencers Drive B2B Marketing Success

Speaker: Lee Odden

Time: Wednesday, 9/5, 1:45P-2:30P

Showcasing several examples, Odden will explain how influencer content can power up cross-channel B2B campaigns to boost awareness and engagement. This is a big area of opportunity for brands everywhere.

Secrets of the Most Shareable Content

Speaker: Bethany Chambers

Time: Thursday, 9/6, 10:00A-10:45A

What are the common traits of contagious content on social media? It’s not all about getting lucky. Chambers will help marketers develop a formula for creating audience-centric posts that land in the right place at the right time and trigger that coveted ripple effect.

Behind the Scenes: How LinkedIn Marketers Master B2B

Speaker: Megan Golden

Time: Thursday, 9/6, 11:05A-11:50A

Last but certainly not least, our own content marketing maven will pull back the curtains with an inside look at tactics the team at LinkedIn has refined through years of testing and experimentation. You’ll come away from Megan’s session with a future-proof blueprint for reaching your most valued audiences on the world’s largest professional network.

What Other Marketers are Looking Forward To at CMWorld

We asked around to find out what some of our friends and peers are most excited about at this year’s event. Here’s what they had to say.

Cathy McPhillips -- VP of Marketing, Content Marketing Institute

“I’m most excited about a focus on content marketing and agencies. Starting my career at a couple ad agencies, I wish more of my former colleagues – and customers! – would have seen the value of content marketing as part of our advertising and marketing mix. What an opportunity! More than ever, this year CMWorld has some great sessions and workshops geared toward agencies and I’m looking forward to listening in.”

Ian Cleary -- Founder, RazorSocial

“Although the conference sessions are always amazing, what I look forward to most is connecting with people face-to-face that I have met online, and also meeting new people. I have a virtual pass so I can catch up on the sessions when I get home to Ireland.  By focusing on networking at the event I have generated so many leads, sales, partnerships and friendships. You learn a lot at the sessions but you also learn a lot through casual conversations in the corridors, out for lunch, or catching up for a beer in the evening.  It's a wonderful event that I look forward to every year.”

Carla Johnson -- President, Type A Communications

“I get jazzed every year about going to Content Marketing World because the speakers push me to think different. I also love hearing from marketers in industries that people normally don’t think of for content success, which is why I can’t wait to hear Laura Berkobin from Pull-A-Part about her approach to content marketing on a small budget. On the other end of the spectrum is Amanda Todorovich. She’s had an incredible journey with what she’s built at the Cleveland Clinic and how she’s built an in-house media company.  But most of all I’m stoked to hear Andrew Davis’s keynote on the Curiosity Factor. There’s no one better to inspire a room of thousands and give them concrete takeaways about how to create can’t-miss content that rivals even the best of Netflix.”

Lee Odden -- CEO, TopRank Marketing

“Over the past 8 years I've invested countless hours in Content Marketing World ranging from presentation and workshop development to working with my team to help promote the event through the TopRank Marketing/CMI conference ebook partnership to writing blog posts and compiling the Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers lists. This year I am excited to see the continued momentum of the conference to connect with other content marketing practitioners, with our clients that are attending like DivvyHQ and LinkedIn, and to see speakers like Andrew Davis, Amanda Todorovich, Michael Brenner, Pam Didner and Ann Handley. I'm also looking forward to seeing our own Ashley Zeckman give her first CMWorld presentation. We have several first time attendees from our team that will be on site liveblogging and attending sessions: Jane Bartel, Nick Nelson and Annie Leuman, so I am looking forward to making sure they have a great experience. Networking, education, inspiration, entertainment, friends, peers and leaders - Content Marketing World has it all!”

Justin Levy -- Social Media Speaker & Consultant

“There are two main areas that I'm most looking forward to. The first is the development of visual content, especially as its importance has continued to grow. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm looking forward to several of the sessions around artificial intelligence. When it comes to content marketing, artificial intelligence is in its infancy and therefore both companies and individuals are searching for ways to utilize it to their best ability.”

Jeff Julian -- Co-Founder, Enterprise Marketer

“This event is content marketing’s homecoming. Year after year, my excitement level continues to build throughout the summer because I get to see my old friends, meet new ones, and learn from their insights over the past year. Everyone at the event steps up their game on the content they share and produce at the event.”

Dave Charest -- Director of Content Marketing, Constant Contact

“I’m most excited about having a convention center full of people to talk shop with. Content marketers can often find themselves the only ones interested in talking craft in their day to day. So I’m excited to geek out!”

See You in Cleveland!

We can’t wait to see familiar faces, acquaint ourselves with new ones, and soak in knowledge from many of the brightest thinkers in the content marketing at CMWorld 2018. 

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