Get Rockin’ at Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit: 7 Can’t Miss Sessions

April 29, 2018

Marketo Summit

One of our favorite annual events, Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit, is set to go down in San Francisco this week.

Celebrating the “Fearless Marketer,” this year’s gathering will hone in on some of the profession’s most buzzworthy frontiers, among them account-based marketing, transformative analytics, video and more.

In addition to headlining keynote speakers like entertainer Jamie Foxx, three-time Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn, SAP CEO Bill McDermott, Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene, former Airbnb CEO Jonathan Mildenhall and top Marketo execs, Marketing Nation 2018 will also feature a session agenda brimming with critical guidance for curious marketers.

Our team at LinkedIn is ready to help you navigate Summit, so we’ve picked out seven highly-anticipated sessions that we’re most looking forward to in order to help you plan out your time.

And while you're here, be sure to stop by and see us at the LinkedIn booth, where we'll help you learn how to rock your B2B videos while answering any of your pressing questions around LinkedIn ads.

7 Sessions You’ll Want to Catch at Marketing Nation 2018

The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for Marketing

Time: April 30th, 11:30am-12:15pm

Speaker: Alex Rynne — Content Marketing Manager for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

Drawing from our popular Secret Sauce guide, Alex will share inside tips to maximize your marketing impact and efficiency on LinkedIn. Our team has spent years refining its strategy, and we want our experience — both the successes and failures — to benefit you. As such, Alex will offer up exclusive insights to help you get the most out of the platform and all its various tools. From inception to post-launch, you’ll learn how to get cross-functional teams working collaboratively and nailing objectives through LinkedIn campaigns.

Make The Most Out Of Your A/B Testing: What Every Data Driven Marketer Needs To Know (Workshop)

Time: April 30th, 1:30pm-2:15pm

Speaker: Jessica Kao — Director Client Services, Digital Pi

One practice that has been integral in helping us polish our LinkedIn marketing approach is A/B testing extensively. It’s an absolutely vital optimization tactic for anyone running digital campaigns today. This workshop with Jessica, who will also be hosting another session on Tuesday entitled “Analytics That Matter: Reports For Every Stage of the Funnel,” will explain how to properly set up your tests and avoid the pitfalls of bad data. For everything from ad copy to subject lines to CTAs, A/B testing is the path to continual improvement and resounding success.

Challenge Your Assumptions: A Guide for the Fearless Marketer (That's You!)

Time: May 1st, 10:15am-11:00am

Speaker: Ann Handley — Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Anytime Ann is speaking at an event or conference, it’s pretty much an automatic recommendation. The creativity and energy always present in her sessions are tough to match. This week, she’ll be outlining her staples for conquering your marketing fears in 2018. Specifically, these relate to the restrictions we commonly face — budget, bandwidth, boundaries — and how we can overcome them through data, research, and empathy. Ann is, in her own words, “allergic to boring presentations.” If you feel the same way, Ann might have your remedy.

Social Media Marketing Trends: How to Keep Up in an Ever Changing Landscape

Time: May 1st, 11:15am-12:00pm

Speakers: Jaime Schember — Social Media Lead for G Suite, Gmail, Drive, Docs & Calendar, Google; Lisa Marcyes — Senior Social Media Marketing Manager, Marketo; Nick Martin — Social Engagement Coordinator, Hootsuite; Steve Kearns — Social Media Lead, Sales & Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

Naturally, I’m tasked with the tough assignment of trying to follow Ann Handley. But luckily, I’ll be teaming up with some brilliant social media marketing minds and we’ve got a ton of great content to cover. Our primary focus will be achieving clear ROI and measurable success through your social campaigns, and integrating this crucial component harmoniously with your overall strategy.

Brand Now: How to Standout in a Distracted, Digital World

Time: May 1st, 1:30pm-2:15pm

Speaker: Nick Westergaard — Chief Brand Strategist, Brand Driven Digital

Breaking through the static of today’s crowded digital environment is a constant challenge for marketers everywhere. In this session, Nick will distill some of the lessons from his new book of the same name, laying out the new rules of branding and how we can apply them in the B2B space. Absorb knowledge from one of the top experts in the field.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: How ABM Brings Everyone Together

Time: May 1st, 4:00pm-4:45pm

Speaker: Craig Rosenberg — Co-founder, Chief Analyst, TOPO

Account-based marketing is, without question, the most prevalent topic on this year’s Marketing Nation agenda. By my count, no less than a dozen sessions will address ABM directly, with several others framed around sales and marketing alignment. As Craig will illustrate, the two strategic imperatives are intrinsically connected, both designed to enhance collaboration and insight-driven lead generation. While many organizations are still finding it difficult to shift toward an aligned culture, committing to the structure and processes of ABM can make it happen.

Always in Beta: Overcoming Idea Killers

Time: May 2nd, 9:30am-10:15am

Speaker: Tom Fishburne — Founder, Marketoonist LLC

You won’t find many better sources for advice on creativity and turning ambitious visions into reality than Tom Fishburne, whose “Marketoonist” works have become hilariously accurate mainstays for so many of us in the industry. As you may know, Tom got his start doodling on the margins of notebooks at business school and in corporate meetings. Today his published library includes hundreds of popular cartoons, many of which are compiled in his recent book, Your Ad Ignored Here. He will explain how doodles are the simplest form of prototyping, and how a culture of collective creativity helps organizations overcome “idea killers” that stifle innovation.

We’ll See You There!

These are but a few of the many, many worthwhile sessions taking place this week at Marketing Nation, and we can’t wait to rock with you all! To get a preview of the slick resources you’ll find at our booth, visit the "Rock Your Video" Content Hub.

And if you can’t make it to Marketing Nation Summit in person, follow our special Livestream video from the event to see top marketers take on the future of marketing.