Growth is on the Agenda at ANA Masters of B2B Marketing

What Marketers Need To Know

June 5, 2018

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How do you fill your marketing agenda with strategies that will deliver growth-driven results for your company? Attending the 2018 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference is a good place to start. After all, it is a premier opportunity to learn from and network with the best B2B marketers in the business.

The theme for the 2018 conference is “Growth: Driving Results and Marketing Value.”

Marketers are always challenged to create programs that drive B2B marketing ROI. However, with evolving technology, departmental misalignment, and seemingly constant business changes, it can be hard to keep everything in order. Squeezing in time to ensure that programs and campaigns are strategically designed to provide business value? That’s another challenge entirely.

Fortunately, the conference agenda is packed with insightful sessions to help you overcome those obstacles standing in your way of creating, delivering, and clearly measuring results. Central topics include sales and marketing integration, data-driven creativity, marketing technology, and conversational AI bots.

As usual, the agenda also features plenty of marketing success stories from respected brands like GE, Cisco, IBM, Black and Decker, and Xerox.

To help ensure you leave Chicago a more results-driven marketer than when you arrived, here are five must-see sessions we recommend adding to your agenda.

Must-See Sessions: ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference

Driving Measurable Growth and Value Creation Through Improved Marketing and Sales Integration

Time: Wednesday, June 6th @ 10:30am

Speaker: John Petralia - Managing Partner, Catalytik Partners

LinkedIn Area of Interest: Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment has been a primary area of interest for us at LinkedIn. During this session, Petralia will highlight five steps to help you improve marketing integration with sales and business leaders. You’ll walk away from the session with a practical framework (plus examples) that will help you increase marketing relevance and measurable value creation within your organization.

How Human History Explains the Future of B2B Marketing

Time: Thursday, June 7th @ 11:05am

Speaker: Tomer Cohen - Vice President of Product, LinkedIn

LinkedIn Area of Interest: Storytelling

As the human race evolves, so does marketing. In his session, Cohen will discuss the real story, and marketing lessons, behind humanity’s progression. This story incorporates the marketing products and services LinkedIn is building to accelerate professional success. It’s an epic story of past, present, and future — and you’re at the center of it.

The Rewiring of GE Power

Time: Thursday, June 7th @ 2:00pm

Speaker: Greg Gibbons - Chief Communications Officer, General Electric Power

LinkedIn Area of Interest: Video, Storytelling

During this session, Gibbons will share insights around the “Rewiring of GE Power” and how this change is being communicated to both internal and external stakeholders. At more than 125 years old, General Electric certainly has some learnings to share. We have been impressed with the quality of storytelling in GE’s video and social content, and are excited hear more about the company’s marketing strategy and how it relates to the business transformation occurring at GE Power, as well as the entire GE company.

The Rise, Fall and Rise of Marketing Technology

Time: Thursday, June 7th @ 3:40pm

Speakers:  Matt Preschern - SVP of Global Demand and Performance Marketing, CA Technologies; Tom Stein - Chairman and Chief Client Officer, Stein IAS; Marc Keating  - Chief Innovation Officer, Stein IAS

LinkedIn Area of Interest: The Future of Marketing

The potential of marketing technology is amazing, seemingly holding the promise to make us all better at our jobs. It’s not hard to see why marketers have invested heavily in it. But at what cost? On average, martech accounts for 22% of enterprise marketers’ budgets — on par with media, people, and services. However, only 15% believe they are among the “most successful marketers” using modern marketing tech effectively.

When we consider additional advances on the martech horizon — AI and other emerging innovations — it’s easy to wonder if companies will ever be able to maximize the benefits of new technology. During this session, the presenters will lay out the path forward for marketers seeking to master modern marketing and forge ahead into B2B marketing’s postmodern age.

The Stars and “Story Behind the Story” of Xerox’s Project: Set the Page Free

Time: Friday June 8 @ 10:20am

Speaker: Barbara Basney - Vice President Global Brand, Advertising and Media, Xerox Corporation

LinkedIn Area of Interest: Storytelling

There’s always a story behind the story, right? In the case of Xerox’s omnichannel marketing initiative, there are actually 14 stories. Hear the “why,” the “what,” and “so what” of this innovative marketing campaign centering on content, communication, and creativity. It is told through the lens of 14 world-renowned authors and artists who collaborated to create a tale of the modern workplace, filled with passion, suspense, and paperclips.

We’ll See You at ANA B2B!

If you will be at this year’s ANA Masters of B2B Marketing conference, we’d love to meet you in person. Stop by our booth to find an interactive exhibit on B2B marketing trends. You’ll be able to vote on the top trend for 2018 from the following lineup: 

  1. Start with Who: Delivering Relevant Creative & Building Data-Driven Personas
  2. You Are What You Signal: Expensive Advertising to Improve Perceptions of Your Products
  3. Media Value Investing: Targeting Individual Contributors to Drive Sales
  4. The War on Brand: Brand + Demand Deliver Better Results than Lead Gen Alone
  5. Lifetime Value of Content: Forget About Real-Time Content & Invest in All-Time Content
  6. Multi-Dimensional Media: Branding to Drive More Than Just Sales

Stay tuned for a follow up blog post with the results of our B2B trend poll and a round-up of key quotes from the best sessions at ANA. 

Can’t make it to the event, but interested in keeping up with all that goes down? We’ll be delivering onsite coverage via social media so make sure you’re following us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram for updates!