Your INBOUND 2018 Survival Guide: 7 Sessions to Seek Out

September 3, 2018

Technology, collaborative content, video marketing, and ultra-relevant messaging are among prevailing themes on the agenda for INBOUND 2018, set to get underway in Boston this Tuesday.

As usual, this year’s conference from the folks at HubSpot will feature a healthy mix of marketing, sales, and general business guidance from an esteemed roster of speakers and pioneers. At the core of all the week’s varied sessions and activities? A persistent focus on how sales and marketing professionals can better engage, acquire, and inspire customers in an evolving marketplace.

This imperative will be covered from just about every angle by a diverse range of experts. And while plenty of sessions are worth your time, these seven caught our interest. Here's what we're most excited for at this year's conference.

7 Standout Sessions at INBOUND 2018

How to Reach Non-English Speaking Markets Successfully

Speaker: Ana Sordo

Time: Wednesday, 9/5, 10:30A-11:15A

Creating regionalized content for international audiences is becoming a greater consideration for companies everywhere. If you’re among the marketers wondering how you can cross the language barrier with your content, then this session with HubSpot’s senior acquisition manager is one to check out.

Using Data-Driven Insights to Deliver Personalized Experiences and Earn Customer Loyalty

Speaker: Kevin Cochrane

Time: Wednesday, 9/5, 11:45A-12:30P

Leveraging the right data to tailor your content and get closer to your audience is shaping up as the new norm in digital marketing. Cochrane will take an in-depth look at the tools and tactics required to understand and anticipate customer needs.

Account Based Marketing: It's Not Just for Big Companies Anymore

Speaker: Sharon Gillenwater

Time: Wednesday, 9/5, 4:15P-5:00P

Account based marketing is gaining distinction as a mainstream business development model for companies large and small. Gillenwater will detail the story of a B2B startup that launched a small-scale ABM program and has continually grown it. She will also share helpful technologies and practices to get you rolling on an unobjectionable budget.

Using Social Media Videos at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Speaker: Christine Gritmon

Time: Thursday, 9/6, 10:30A-11:15A

Video on social media can support a wide array of marketing objectives. Customizing length, CTA, and targeting based on the viewer’s mindset can make a big difference. Here, Gritmon will break down the ways in which your approach should differ based on the goals of your video content.

Your Playbook for Building the Right KPIs for Success

Speaker: Rob Nelson

Time: Thursday, 9/6, 11:45A-12:30P

Most marketers and sales pros recognize that vanity metrics aren’t especially useful for measuring business impact. But what should we actually be measuring? Nelson, CEO of, will draw from his unique expertise to help us find the right KPI mix conducive to growth.

LinkedIn on LinkedIn: How to Combine Account Based Marketing and Social Selling on LinkedIn

Speaker: Ty Heath

Time: Thursday, 9/6, 2:15P-3:00P

Running an effective ABM program requires seamless alignment between sales and marketing. Learn how to bring the two sides together and develop a cohesive strategy on LinkedIn, framed around the principles of social selling. Note: If you miss the session on Thursday you can catch an encore with Ty on Friday morning at 10:30.

Ask Me Anything Spotlight with Chris Yeh & Reid Hoffman

Speakers: Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

Time: Thursday, 9/6, 4:45P-5:30P

LinkedIn co-founder Hoffman and tech entrepreneur Yeh recently teamed up to author Blitzscaling, a guide to rapidly building “massively valuable companies” from the ground up. The two will undoubtedly have some fascinating insights to share in this open panel with attendees, moderated by HubSpot’s Laura Fitton.

We’ll See You at INBOUND!

It’s a jam-packed lineup this year for what promises to be a fantastic event. We can’t wait to catch these seven sessions and many more.

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