A Visit from the Spirits of Marketing Future

A LinkedIn Marketing Carol: Day 4

December 17, 2015

On Day 3 of the LinkedIn Marketing Carol, we were greeted by Three Marketing Spirits of the Present, represented by industry leaders, Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi and Doug Kessler. They provided counsel for marketers on how to take advantage of the marketing technologies available to us today. And although it's an exciting time to be a marketer, we know you're curious to see what the future may hold...

In Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” the hooded, skeletal Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was a frightening specter. This spirit certainly put enough of a scare into Scrooge that he was transformed from a miser into the most generous man in town. For marketers, however, the future is not frightening: It is full of promise. The future for marketers is a place where predictive technologies and predictive lead scoring will lead to CMOs becoming the most crucial member of the C-suite. So listen to the Spirits of Marketing Future, and their message about your network, about customer-centricity, about delight and joy.

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios

There is only one way to future proof your marketing: grow your network.

Salespeople have always known the value of a personal network. But marketers have been slow to catch on. It’s not about the size of your following, but the quality of your relationships. These are people who can truly help you. They’re excited to help you. Why? Because they’re friends and you are just as motivated to help them.

Make people your priority. Meet with marketers weekly. Talk to marketers every day.

  • Hold open office hours before work
  • Have happy hours after work
  • Form a mastermind group
  • Add contributor quotes, roundup posts and deep dive interviews to your content

Help everyone you can, and your marketing support network will grow. You’ll get more done, more efficiently and have more fun doing it. It will do wonders for the future of your business, career and personal life.

Ekaterina Walter, Global Evangelist, Sprinklr

To earn the trust and loyalty of the educated, socially-savvy, global, connected consumer, it isn't enough to distract them with short-term dazzle campaigns any more. To spark customer advocacy long-term, companies need to show that they care, by repeatedly enabling and managing meaningful experiences at every touchpoint.

Gartner states that by 2016, 89 percent of companies will compete mostly on the basis of customer experience (compared with 36 percent four years ago). Your product can be copied. The memories you create for your customers by enabling great experiences will be the only reason your customers will come back. 

To build trust, brands need a holistic experience management approach. They need to create a 360-degree view of their customer, on any channel (online and offline), for any function, in any geography, across any product line. So that no matter where the customer comes from, who she or he reaches out to, and what the issue is, the company can provide the best experience possible. 

In the consumer-empowered world relationship capital is the only business metric that stands the test of time. Consistent positive experiences shape trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships drive bottom-line. 

Tim Washer, Writer/Producer, Cisco

In the history of clinical word association, “joy” is most frequently paired with “multiple linear regression analysis.” Sadly, marketers have yet to spot this connection, spending millions on predicting which buyer personae will be most profitable to entice to their online sites for a single visit, but not providing enough interesting and fun content to make the online sites a regular destination.

In 2016, marketers will build out their story factories through relationships with freelance artists, filmmakers, and comedy writers to give the customers and prospects a reason to return on a regular basis. They will also begin to understand how valuable it is to create content that makes their customers smile, or even laugh. 

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