B2B Beat: 29 Quotes from CES 2016 That Marketers Need to Hear

January 10, 2016

The epicenter of the Consumer Electronics Show, which concluded Saturday, was the exhibition floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center. On the trade show floor, organizations ranging from IBM to IEEE to Intel showed off their latest technologies.

But off the exhibit floor an equally important part of CES 2016 was taking place. At venues throughout Las Vegas, keynote speakers and panelists discussed the business implications of the technological advances displayed on the show floor.

Our team attended sessions all over Vegas to monitor the discussion around technology’s impact on social media, mobile, content, and data-driven marketing. Below are a kaleidoscope of illuminating quotes from the CES 2016 sessions that shine a light on how marketers are adapting to technology today -- and how they plan to leverage these advances in the future.

“The CMO of tomorrow is the data nerd of today.” – Ashu Garg, Partner, Capital Foundation

“We are past the hype on mobile. What comes after hype? It’s standard at this point.” -- Michael Treon, Vice President, Product Strategy, AOL

“We are at the beginning of a tidal wave of innovation.” -- Gary Shapiro, President-CEO, Consumer Technology Association

“If content is king, then context is god. If context is god, then data is its religion.” -- Richard Frankel, Creative Director, Marketing Solutions Group, Spotify

“We’re entering a new era in technology where consumers are choosing experience over products.” – Bryan Krzanich, CEO, Intel

“The agency trade desk model is under threat.” -- Paul Limbrey, Director, Google

“Put aside the product when thinking about marketing and tell a good, interesting story.” -- Amanda Bradford, Founder & CEO, The League

“In 2016, you’re likely to get fired for not experimenting. Bravery is rewarded.” -- Eric Johnson, Founder and President, Ignited

“The benefit of hiring youth is that they don’t know yet what’s impossible.” -- Scott Flanders, CEO, Playboy Enterprises

“People used to say content is king. Now data is an even stronger king.” -- Nick Cannon, Artist

“For brands to stay relevant, innovation and transformation is essential for survival.” -- Emmanuel Seuge, Senior Vice President, Content, The Coca-Cola Company

“The uncomfortable reality is that there’s often a disconnect between the external view and internal view of a brand.” -- Penry Price, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

“People don’t like advertising. It’s not that advertising is bad, it’s just that most of it is executed poorly.”-- Ignited's Johnson

“Content is king. Distribution is queen. We can’t treat old media as new media.” -- Jake Katz, Vice President, Revolt TV

“Customer experience is what marketers should talking about rather than just getting their message across.” -- Andy Markowitz, General Manager, Marketing Performance Labs, General Electric

“We’re moving for a text-based communication style to one that is almost completely visual.” – Lila King, product and Partnerships, HLN

“If you’re genuinely helping me, then it’s no longer intrusive.” – Ash Sobhe, CEO, R6S

“We’re using our technology to enable human potential.” -- Karen Quintos, CMO, Dell

“I’ve been in marketing for 30 years. It’s changed more in the last five or six years than in the previous 25. We all know why: technology.” -- Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever

“Bad content is bad content even if the data tells you there’s an opportunity there.” -- Steven Feuling, CEO, Vizeum

“I don’t think of us in the social media bucket. I think of us in the driving business value bucket.” – Jon Williams, Senior Director, Partner, Agency & Content Experience Team, LinkedIn

“To think of social media channels as anything other than paid media is to be a little bit naïve.” -- Andrew Solmssen, Managing Director, POSSIBLE

“The (mobile) device is personal. It is the way to target the individual.” – AOL’s Treon

“It’s not about trending or the hot topic of the day. I started to analyze the legends, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, etc.  We are all fans of their entire career and that’s what matters most.” – Cannon

"You stumble, you make mistakes. That’s the only way you reinvent." -- Gayle Troberman, CMO, iHeartRadio

“Mass personalization is not an oxymoron.” -- Foundation Capital’s Garg

“We joked that the most common reason for subscriber churn was ‘deceased.’ This is not how you build a brand.” -- Phillip Morelock, Chief Digital Officer, Playboy

“One-third of execs said customer experience was their No. 1 priority when differentiating their company.” -- Mary Hamilton, Managing Director, Digital Experiences, Accenture Technology Labs

“We’re not at the age of marketing, but at the dawn of the age of accountability.” – GE’s Markowitz

The CES 2016 conference sessions provided a window on how technology is shaping the future of marketing. To keep pace with these changes throughout the year, subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, where we cover technology's impact on marketing on a daily basis.