If You Weren't a Marketer, What Would You Be Doing Right Now?

April 25, 2016

Note: This is the seventh post in our Trading Eights video series. In the most recent Trading Eights post, we asked our ace marketing ensemble: What was your most brilliant or creative idea that never saw the light of day?

We’re marketers. It’s in our DNA. We love what we do. We get to combine creative work with technical problem-solving. We improve our business’ bottom line and the lives of our customers. It feels good to be a brand-affinity-building, customer-delighting, results-getting machine.

There are days, though, when even the most contented marketer’s mind wanders a little. When your brilliant concept doesn’t meet brand standards, for example, or when an exec insists that “engagement” is the goal without defining what engagement means. You may find yourself staring out the window wondering if you missed your true calling as a dog walker. Or maybe, if you dream big, a Driver’s Ed instructor.

In the last Trading Eights post, we discovered that even some of the most brilliant marketers around have moments of failure. So naturally, we wondered what jobs they dream of as they stare wistfully out the window.  Check out the video below to see what secret career aspirations these seven marketers harbor:

I found it striking that Joe and Andy both said they would go into teaching. In a way, that’s the most essential part of our profession. The best marketing doesn’t make people want something they don’t need. Today’s best marketers are like that favorite teacher everyone had. So it’s easy to imagine Professor Pulizzi at an Ivy-league school, orange patches on the elbows of his blazer, holding his pupils in rapt attention.

We may never be able to buy honey from Tim Washer, or hire Ann Handley to walk our dogs, but I think the tradeoff is worth it. Marketers this talented should stick with what they do best.

So for now, I’ll keep trying to create quality content that informs and entertains… unless Axl calls for help with the new Guns 'n’ Roses tour.

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