Three Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make This Year

How video can help your brand get personal, scalable, and virtual in 2017

December 21, 2016

Video Marketing

Editor's Note: This post was contributed by Ashu Garg, General Partner at Foundation Capital. 

It’s been a whirlwind year for video and virtual reality. We saw the launch of Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, Snap’s Spectacles, PlayStation VR, and on and on. And for me personally, it’s been a year of continued exploration of, and excitement for the moving image and how it will change the face of marketing in this decade of the CMO. In 2016, I wrote a whitepaper, The 6th Key to the Decade of the CMO: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised; I also went to my colleague’s wedding, which was filmed for VR, live-streamed my son’s first piano recital to Facebook, attended VidCon for the first time, and interviewed Ann Sarnoff, president of BBC Worldwide North America, at Foundation Capital’s annual CMO Tech Tour. And though I began this year with my words on the future of video, it seemed only fitting to end it with, well, a video all about it.

Around this time last year, I posted my New Year’s resolutions in My 3 Words for 2016. I’m happy to report that I did sharpen my focus on rejuvenating, listening, and catalyzing. In thinking about the year ahead, I wanted to share resolutions that could serve more people, and specifically marketers, as they plan how video will transform the way they reach customers in the new year and beyond. My three words for video marketing resolutions in 2017: creation, distribution, and experimentation.

1. Find new content creation models

When you add social, digital, and VR channels to the content you already create for traditional media, working with the same old agency model isn’t going to cut it—you need to develop personalized content that can scale. For 2017, make it your goal to develop new teams with interdisciplinary expertise. By blending digital design, filmmaking, game development (for VR), and data science, you’ll enable the rapid creation and optimization of interactive, branded content that can effectively reach customers across multiple platforms.

2. Use new content distribution systems

Right now, there’s no easy way for a brand to approach Fox and purchase ad space for Empire across linear TV,, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube at the same time. But new companies are developing solutions that enable programmatic ad buying at scale. This year, start a conversation with some of these companies and see which ones can help you craft a strategy to reach your target customers more efficiently and affordably. 

3. Experiment to reach new audiences

Members of Generation Z (those born in 1995 or later) are watching less TV and more YouTube than any other audience segment. They’re also more likely to use a second screen for multitasking. The way they consume media is already forcing marketers to rethink their approach, and those that don’t adapt will be left behind. This year, start experimenting with live streaming, VR, and AR. Strive to create authentic content and groundbreaking experiences that make your customers feel like you’re part of the conversation—not just dictating it.

As we turn the calendar and look at the challenges that lie ahead, think of the evolution of video as something to be embraced. It has the potential to not only transform marketing but also bring people together in ways never before possible.

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